Athanasia-The Order Of The Silver Compass Review

“Read Between The Lines,” is a haunting and melodic overture, that brings a great deal of heart and power to the opening of the album. Displaying each member of the band’s talents in abundance, be it a soaring cadence, or a ripping shredfest of a riff, or the pounding of the drums. “Spoils Of War,” is another pounding and fist pumping charger of a song. That once again shows off just how good the band are, with some very relevant lines thrown in. “The Order Of The Silver Compass,” is a pounding monster of a song, with growls aplenty and some snarling weaving melodies thrown in for good measure. “Cyclops Lord,” is a soaring anthem, with big bold melodies and some sharp contrasts thrown in for good measure.

“The Bohemian,” a snarling duel between right and wrong, between the differing flavours within the fold, all of which ensure that things never quite change, and never truly venture without. “Mechanized Assault,” is a brutal riff melody which leads and bounds within and without. “Nightmare Sound,” is a slow build, with increasing bounds of aggression and destruction present through the lyrics and melodies. “White Horse,” slows things down and adds a touch of melody into proceedings.

The album is out on 15th March via Rock of Angels Records.

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