Manticora-Live At The Black Heart Review

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On Sunday 10th March, punters gathered at the Black Heart in Camden, London to witness the metal equivalent of a symphony opera. Manticora the Danish power/thrash metal band had returned to support their new album To Live To Kill To Live, and had brought with them two other bands in support, Hexed and Loch Vostock.

Hexed and Loch Vostock delivered some passionate performances, and gradually drew more people from the bar to watch them both perform, but the main attraction of the night was undoubtedly Manticora.

Their opening third was a brilliant and blinding set list. “King of the Absurd,” “Playing God,” and “The Black Circus,” all got the crowd going and soon enough the head banging had commenced.

“Gypsies Dance Part 2,” “Piano Concerto In B Flat Minor,” and “Echoes Of A Silent Scream,” continues the chaos with the crowd truly getting into things. There were people moshing, head banging and one punter was even doing a combination of moshing and dancing. The ground literally shook.

The finishing touches were delivered with purpose and grace. The stand out of the set was truly Keeper of Time with its Arabian themes and melodies, ensuring the audience was hooked onto every word. A fantastic night.


Tronos-Celestial Mechanics

“Walking Among the Dead Things,” starts things up. From the moment that slow and sludge riff kicks things off, you know that there’s going to be one hell of a moment. The vocals are snarled and fitting for the tempo and momentum that is coming. “Judas Cradle,” slowly takes the momentum forward. Producing one of the most epic moments in metal music, with that little switch around. “The Ancient Deceit,” is fast moving and ready to erupt at a moment’s notice. The riffs and vocals are out there, delivering something dark and foreboding. “The Past Will Wither and Die,” is a slowed down masterpiece, a monster to boot, it forms up some seriously dark and edge worthy moments. “A Treaty with Reality,” thunders into being, producing something seriously headbang worthy.

“Voyeurs Of Nature’s Tragedy,” slowly builds into something dark and haunting. Serenading the listener with thoughts and movements, perfectly timed to coincide with something reminiscent of a play or an opera. “Birth Womb,” slays and delivers another seriously bombastic performance. “Premonition,” is cold and calculating, slowly building into a crescendo that delivers on pain and performance. “Beyond The Stream of Consciousness,” is a thunderous gunshot to the head, a masterpiece wrapped up into brilliance. “Johnny Blade,” thunders into being, and performs a masterpiece of a closer.

The album is out on April 12th.


Snowy White and the White Flames

Snowy White and The White Flames-The Situation

SWWF 2019_1500x1500.jpg

The legendary British guitarist returns with his first longplayer in eighteen months, and boy has the wait been worth it.

“The Situation,” is the title track of the album. It produces some interesting melodies and thoughtful pauses. Allowing the listener to get a feel of where the album is heading. “This Feeling,” sears and soars, with the jangling movement providing some excellent backing. “LA Skip,” has heart and soul. “Can’t Seem To Do Much About It,” veers to the side and adds more thunderous movement to produce something quite remarkable. “Crazy Situation Blues,” brings home the classic blues of the sixties and gives it a millennium spin. “Blues In My Reflection,” goes forward by some and then adds another melody ontop for good measure.

“Why Do I Still Have The Blues,” continues the bluesy reflections for the time being. Shifting and shimmering down the line and producing some fascinating guitar parts. “You Can’t Take It With You,” shimmers along and produces some fascinating movement. “Migration,” thunders down the line. “The Lying Game,” is classic blues. “Hard Blues,” is a slower more reflective number. “I Can’t Imagine,” shimmers and shakes on down the line.

The album is out on 19th April via Soulfood Music.

Stained Blood

Stained Blood-Nyctosphere

Stained Blood - Nyctosphere

“Avfall,” comes with the waves, the droning on in the background and the sound of the choir, creates a haunting edge. When the music truly kicks in, it brings some serious edge to proceedings. “Century to Suffer,” continues the hard work, delivering a thunderous and rapturous movement. “The Lightless Walk,” is another song that delivers on big and grandiose ideas.

“Shrines of Loss,” veers one way and then another. Not quite delivering, but always hinting at something more within the wood work. “Winterflesh,” is a clarion call to the dead and the monsters lurking underneath. “Drowned,” sheers and shines.

The album is out on March 22nd.


Hiranya-Breathe Out

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Spain’s leading metalcore band deliver their new album on the back of some solid grooves and some piercing melodies.

“Lemon,” is ethereal, the beginning of something darker and more sinister. Definitely toeing the line toward breaking point. “Far Away,” comes snaking in with that defiant riff, Sara Bowen roars into being and makes the song something else entirely. “Conformism,” weaves around and shivers on the beaten path, bringing something else to the stage. “Transparency,” contains some elements of groove and some other elements of heaviness that make it truly stand out. “Shot,” slows things down a tad, and then speeds up with frightening mobility.

“Harpy,” is slow and sludgening toward conclusions. “Insanity,” draws on the darkness and produces something intoxicating. “Ángel,” is furious and rapid, never quite slowing down. “Anger,” stops and starts and then weaves around. “Oiwa,” is a continuation of the ferocious circle.


The album is out now via Rock CD Records.



Ruthless-Evil Within

“Storm of Souls,” has additional swagger, with the vocals soaring in and out, providing a good clear cover. “Atrocities,” ventures this way and that, the riff gallops and the vocals soar within and without. “In Blood,” a song that has the harkening of old school metal, comes in with the thunder. “Evil Within,” smashes and grabs, the riffs are on point as are the vocals. “Fear Never Sleeps,” soars and roars time and time again.

“Skulls,” a rocker and a biter with some serious grit and snarling mentality. “Death March,” a thunderous song that veers on way and then another. “The Brotherhood,” slows things down before going all out and snaking its way through. “Cryptic Ruins,” ventures on and out.




Tanagra - Meridiem - Album Cover.jpg

“Meridiem,” the title track is a soaring anthem that ventures this way and that. Ensuring the listener is hooked and enchanted throughout. “Sydria,” soars and dances with light and grace. “Etheric Alchemy,” is heavy and filled with melodical interchanges. “Silent Chamber,” dances along the path, filling in with gaps and prowess.

“The Hidden Hand,” is fast moving and filled with energy and might. “Across the Ancient,” fills things out, with soaring vocals and some interesting shifts in turn and sprint. “Witness,” is soaring and an anthemic closer.

The album is out on 26th April.


Bitchammer-Offenders Of The Faith


“Funeral Sorcery,” snarls into being, throwing into being some definitive thrash metal screaming. “Satanic VIolence,” snarls and roars and demands reparations for past wrongs. “Satanica,” continues the trend. “Fear No Evil,” thunders and roars and dances around the outer circle. “Into The Filth,” delivers a resounding punch and a gut busting response.

“To Hell With The Cross,” snaps and moves and grooves. “Pentagramm Vibes,” is a weird song, a grooving melody set over a battering ram. “Bitchcraft,” seers and snakes. “Blasphemaniac,” sneers and resounds.

The album is out on 26th April.


Protector-Summon The Hordes

“Stillwell Avenue,” is a thundering monster of a song. Pounding and engrossing. “Steel Caravan,” comes out guns blazing, not slowing down for anything, it continues the monster route. “Realm of Crime,” features some fairly entertaining riffs and melodies. “The Celtic Hammer,” snorts and sticks the finger up at the rage machine. “Two Ton Behemoth,” slithers and snakes and shakes and rattles.

Title track “Summon the Hordes,” is pure thrash metal, aggression and chaos latched together. “Three Legions,” shimmers along and produces some fascinating grooves. “Meaningless Eradication,” delivers a thunderous blow. “Unity, Anthems and Pandemonium,” is simple chaos. “Glove of Love,” snakes around.

The album is out on 26th April via High ROller Records.

Good Tiger

Good Tiger-Redux

Good Tiger - Redux.jpg

“Such a Kind Stranger,” is unique in terms of the synthesises that are interlaid through it.  Giving it an interesting and unique take. “Float On,” bounces and grooves with the best of them, ensuring the takes are fresh and unique. “Blueshift,” thunders.

“Grip Shoes,” shimmers. “Salt of the Earth,” takes the cake for melody and thought.

The album is out on 22nd March via Metal Blade Records.