Rosy Vista

Rosy Vista-Unbelievable Review


“Crazy,” a soaring rock and roll anthem, starts off this album by the all female Rosy Vista. A scorcher, the riffs are filled with high octane energy and the vocals weave a story. “Sadistic Lover,” weaves the tale once more, on the back of some truly grooving melodies. “Master of Control,” gallops and weaves and roars. “Too Much Feeling,” slows things down and brings with it a harder edge. “Tables Are Turned,” a scorching rock and roll anthem, that brings things to a head. “Until I’m Satisfied,” is a mix of soft edges and hard rock and roll melodies.

“Hopatina,” weaves in and out, and brings with it some fascinating stories, bringing the edge right to the floor. “Poor Rosy,” a rocker and a driver. “Sound Of Your Love,” another corker of a song that weaves and whips in and out. “Rockin Through The Night,” classic eighties rock and roll stylings. “Changing My Mind,” an anthem. “Born To Be Wild,” closes things out.

The album is out on 8th February via Steamhammer/SPV.

John Diva and the Rockets of Love

John Diva&The Rockets Of Love- Mama Said Rock Is Dead Review


“Whiplash,” begins with the crack of a whip, and the minute the riff kicks in one knows that they are going to be having a good time. The melody and the vocals are all about the good times. “Lolita,” another good time song, with some impressive Van Halen style melodies. “Rock n Roll Heaven,” is a very interesting song, bluesy, sliding into the melody, and with enough balls to keep things entertaining. “Wild Life,” another rocker, with duelling guitars and soaring melodies. “Blinded,” anthemic and a soaring melodical punch. “Dance Dirty,” a filthy rocker.

“Just A Night Away,” is a ballad, with the piano working overtime to match with the vocals, driving the story. “Fire Eyes,” big and bold, and chaotic. “Titel 09,” a good time song with some added edge. “Long Legs,” another rocker. “Toxic,” duelling guitars, soaring harmonies, and some impressive melodical work. “Rocket of Love,” a piercing screamer of a song.

The record is out on 8th February via SPV/Steamhammer.


Gatekeeper-Grey Maiden Review

“Grey Maiden,” a riff masterpiece, weaved together with some intricate melodies and carnage. Everything about the song just screams classic. “Tale of Twins,” is slower, but heavier because of it. With some rip roaring precision, and some very intricate guitar work, the vocals are allowed to shine through.

“Moss,” slows things down, and adds a haunting element to proceedings, ensuring the listener is hooked and prepared. “Richard III,” a snarling monster, a navigating tale that leaves everyone hooked.

The EP is out on 22nd February via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Booze Control

Booze Control-Forgotten Lands Review

“Forgotten Lands,” as the title track comes roaring into life and delivers something of great promise. Harmonies galore, a shredding intro solo, it’s all there. “Attack Of The Axemen,” is slower, more deliberate, and definitely a lot more heavy than the title track, but it contains similar elements, and is just as much a classic. “The Nameless,” is all power and bass, and something truly solid. “Of The Deep,” weaving chaos and woe into a solid riff and melody structure. “Spellbound,” a rip roaring, snorter of a song, bringing with it something new and interesting and fascinating.

“Slaying Mantis,” weaves a tale within and without. A frenetic riff, a barnstorming chorus and some truly awesome bass work. “Playing With Fire,” Iron Maiden come again, truly intricate. “Thanatos,” harmony galore, and a pounding riff lead the way. “Doom Of Sargoth,” a rip roaring, pace building galloping song that leads the charge. “Cydonian Sands,” the last song on the record and the longest and most epic. Weaving within and without, taking the time to build the story and ensure the narrative continues.

The album is out on 22nd February via Gates of Hell Records.


Oomph-Ritual! Review


“Tausend,” starts proceedings off with a car engine, and moves into a blistering riff that snakes and crawls through the ground, taking no prisoners. “Achtung! Achtung!” A snorker of a song, weaving interesting elements and theories together to create something spell binding. “Kein Liebslied,” a song with haunting gothic melodies that takes from one end and another. “Trummerkinder,” machine metal at its finest. “Europa,” discordant and rampant, weaving together in a collection of sin.

“Im Namen,” another haunting gothic featurette, that takes things to new levels. “Das Schweigen,” a haunting elemental song that features some very interesting melodical work. “TRRR,” a rampaging machine that takes no shit. “Phoenix,” another snorter of a song, with some intriguing melodies and starts. “Lass,” slows things down enough to bring the thunder. “Seine Seele,” another song that ventures this way and that.

The album is out on 18th January via Napalm Records.

Visions of Atlantis



“The Deep And the Dark,” kicks things off with power and might. Showing that Vision can bring their studio wizadry on the road with them, the vocals are absolutely pristine. “New Dawn,” a shimmering epic on the wings of the past, blistering through. “Book Of Nature,” a call to the wild, an ode to the adventures, adding frills to the fire. “Ritual Night,” a definite live favourite and a song that just screams epicness to all those who listen. “Siegfried’s Farewell,” a slower number, with aggression and anger thrown into the well.

“Lost,” blistering, simply blistering. “The Silent Mutiny,” weaves a story in from fledgling winds and overt chaos. “The Last Home,” a song that veers this way and that, never quite letting the listener get comfortable. “Words of War,” the sort of song you’d go marching off to. “The Grand Illusion,” finishes things off with a nice nod to the past, but all the while looking to the future. “Passing Dead End,” weaves a tale, through symphonic mastery. “Return To Lemuria,” closes things off with some nice variations of the studio track.

The album is out on 22nd February via Napalm Records.


Candlemass-The Door To Doom Review


“Splendor Demon Majesty,”  the first song on the Doom Legends return, comes in with a chillingly intoxicating riff.  It grows into something menacing and powerful as the song progresses, bringing with it a serious hammer blow. The listener knows that Candlemass are back into the fray, and they mean business. “Under The Ocean,” delivers on the promise of Splendor a song that starts slowly and softly, bringing the psychedelic influences to the fore, before picking up with anger and aggression. “Astorolous-The Great Octopus,” snarling, tantalising monster of a song, that brings the riff machine to full bear. “Bridge of the Blind,” comes next. Slowly weaving its way through, and bringing devastation a musical face.

“Death’s Wheel,” another song that veers toward extremes. Brimming with fuel and anger, a song that is sure to get the crowd going when performed live. “Black Trinity,” unholy, powerful and growing with every passing moment. Taking its turn to weave a chaotic blend together. “House Of Doom,” a headline worthy song. Brimming with confidence, rage and aggression and ensuring the listener is hooked from the get. “The Omega Circle,” closes things up with some interesting movement of chains and melodies.

In a world where nothing is for certain, you can be damned sure that Candlemass will bring the goods. Get The Door To Doom when it is released on 22nd February via Napalm Records.


Traveler-Traveler Review

“Starbreaker,” is a fascinating beginning to this journey. Moving within the time and metre, and never letting up. It weaves a tale, and allows the vocals to do the talking whilst never quite letting up from the edge. “Street Machine,” is a fast racing mover and shaker. Bringing energy and growth to the fore and ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Behind The Iron,” a grooving number that moves this way and that, with a fascinating riff and a hook and bell. “Konamized,” a song that delivers the goods. Fierce, fast and on the point at all times, bringing energy and dynamism.

“Up To You,” through the littering of licks and sprinkles, develops the sense of urgency and ensures that the listener is kept hooked. The galloping riffs and the charges ensure that things do not slow down for an instant. “Fallen Heroes,” a tribute to the fallen, is built on a solid riff, and an even pounding on the vocals. “Mindless Maze,” starts of slowly, with the clean guitar leads slowly building into being. It then becomes an epic shred fest and the listener is taken on an impassioned journey. “Speed Queen,” a fast moving, hell raising, barn storming song never lets up and keeps pushing through everything.

The album is out on 22nd February via Gates Of Hell Records.


OPPROBRIUM – The Fallen Entities Review

“Dark Days, Dark Times,” a pounding sonnet to the chaos of the world and a strong opening number. “Creations That Affect,” a rip roaring snorting metal masterpiece of riffage. “Wicked Mysterious Events,” a song that some groove and some class, breaking across the screen and time itself. “The Fallen Entities,” slowly moving with power and grit, taking its time to grow and groove.

“Throughout The Centuries,” a pounding grit monster, that swerves and dances along, taking power and grace with energy. “Turmoil Under The Sun,” snorting and direct. “In Danger,” moving fast and with grace and energy. “Obstructive Behaviour,” a slower song that takes its time.

The album is out on 22nd February via High Roller Records.


Sanhedrin-The Poisoner Review

After the glorious success of their debut album, Sanhedrin are back and they are ready to kick some serious ass.

“Meditation (All My Gods Are Gone),” is an ode to the chaos and confusion within the world. The vocals reflect this perfectly, moving in and out with perfection. The instrumentation is flawless. “Wind On The Storm,” has that seventies gallop to it, evoking images of Iron Maiden and some of the legendary bands of yesteryear. There is something to be said for the riffs that dance and weave a tale to the vocals. “Blood From A Stone,” a furious onslaught of riffs and carnage never quite hiding where it is going, but never quite revealing it either. “The Poisoner,” a slow moving tempest, filled with the sort of riffs and melodies that show how epic this song is. In the right environment, this song would be a sure fire live favourite.

“The Getaway,” another brutal onslaught, with some ferocious and on point riffs, driving the day as the vocals weave in and out. “For The Wicked,” classic sludge metal, weaving and traipsing around the ground and the audio. “Saints and Sinners,” is another song that brings that classic heavy metal spirit to the fore. A tale as old as time about hypocrisy. Weaved into being through some interesting melodies. “In From The Outside,” slow build with chaotic riffs and snarling vocal ranges.

The album is out on 22nd February via Cruz del Sur Music.