SANHEDRIN – A Funeral For The World Review

SANHEDRIN, one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from the Brooklyn music scene, was created in 2014 when guitarist Jeremy Sosville (BLACK ANVIL) and drummer Nathan Honor, SANHEDRIN were eventually joined by former AMBER ASYLUM and LOST GOAT bassist/vocalist Erica Stoltz, whose vocal and lyrical exploits quickly became the perfect complement to the pair’s fledgling compositions.

They start with something groovy and classic, Riding On The Dawn amply shows off the talents of vocalist Erica Stoltz with the varying melodies and the different and changing tempo proving that the band might be going for a classic style, but it is one that is innately theirs. A Funeral For The World is heavy, Black Sabbath heavy with all that entails. The guitars of Jeremy Sosville and the drums of Nathan Honor truly compliment the vocal lines of Erica Stoltz, creating an eerie song that will go down in history. Demoness is a mix of fast riffs, and classic Judas Priest screaming that goes down a treat, a rocker. Collateral Damage is haunting, right from the very first organ notes, and carrying on through the rumbling bass, a classic in waiting.

Faith Healers is somewhat symbolic in terms of being similar to songs done by bands such as REM if they were heavy as anything, the guitar leads the song with its chordal melodies and the driving riffs of the verse. No Religion starts of slowly, with a clean intro, before moving into overdrive during the chorus and the bridge, a brilliantly composed song. Massive Deceiver has swagger and groove, trademarks of a band in full confidence. Die Trying is an epic closer of a song, moving from one tone to the next, fully capturing how brilliant the band is.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on 27th Apri, via Cruz Del Sur Music.


Blackslash-Lightning Strikes Again

Classic heavy metal has seen a revival of late, and with Blackslash’s new record, the revival continues in full swing. Lightning Strikes Again, the title track is fast, anthemic and down right ballsy, allowing the band to show off right from the get-go. Night City Street Lights is bluesy and rocky all in one go, and that enables vocalist Clemens Haas to really shine through, his vocal range is awe inspiring. Skyline Rider is classic seventies metal, bringing harmonies and shimmering rhythms to the fore. A real stand out. Eyes Of A Stranger has a good time feel to it, something solid and break neck about it, guitarists Christian Haas and Daniel Holderle shine through with their jagged riffs. Illuminate the Night echoes of Maiden and Priest, the best of both bands. And a greater tribute there can’t be.

Steel Held High is a good nod to the classic trope of the metal warrior, and with the harmonies in the guitars, the story telling vocal line, the galloping rhythms, this song is one that is sure to get the crowd going when played live. Save My Heart builds with the staccato opening riff and moves into epic territory fairly quickly, the band really pulled out all the stops on this one. Shine On is fast, moving  through the rhythms, shaking and grooving, vocalist Clemens Haas to shine through. Unknown Heroes is an epic journey through stories told and untold. Right to the Top is a groover, solid and unabashed, a fitting close to the album.

Lightning Strikes Again is a fantastic album moving from point to another seamlessly. Be sure to purchase it when it is released on May 4th, on Pure Steel Records.

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters-The Cauldron And The Cross Review


Seven Sisters move right into it with their second album. Starting off with The Premonition, things are fast, groovy, and slightly ethereal if that is the right word. The band is on form and clearly enjoying themselves. Blood and Fire starts off with an acoustic melody, before moving into full epicness, a soaring vocal line that sounds like it’s straight from Angel Witch. Once and Future King is harmonies galore, a soaring epic that will go down a treat live.

Parting The Mists starts with the guitars painting an image of the mist, the song moves into gear and creates an epic story around a solid guitar melody and some incredible vocal hooks. Turning Of The Tide is fast, epic and a song that deserves a live airing. Be sure to play this one on repeat. Oathbreaker starts slowly and thoughtfully, it quickly moves into epic territory and the album benefits from that, another gem.

A Land In Darkness carries the fast pace of the album beautifully, melodic guitar harmonies, soaring vocals and a melody that brings elements of Angel Witch to the mind once more. The Cauldron and the Cross is epic, simply epic. Big guitars, harmonies, an epic story, told across two parts, this is a song, or rather songs that deserve the superb live treatment. This one is sure to be a fan favourite.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on 13th April via Dissonance.


Nale-Death, Skulls, Satan Review


After a six year gap between albums, which saw them release an EP, Nale are back with their second full length album Death, Skulls, Satan, and boy jove is it an album that is worth the wait.

Starting off with Slither, Nale prove that they mean business, there is a grooviness to this song that adds to its sheer heaviness and brutality, making it the perfect opener. Filth is another monster of a song, the guitars moving in and out of precision with nice bullet proof focus. Dead Man’s Song is filled with swagger, and rightly so, it is a killer song worthy of time played on air. The title track is heavy and fast moving, a really headbanger and a mover and shaker.

Exit, is pure heaviness. Moving, swinging and swaggering through its three minute duration. No Escape is fast and riff orientated. Drive is fast, galloping and monstrous. The Black is slower, heavier and perhaps more terrifying because of that.

Hell’s Wrath is a mixture of heaviness and subtlety that combines elements of groove and thrash into one delightful mixture. Smasher is an appropriate title for this song, heavy, filled with energy and moving, a song that is sure to get the crowd moving. Pigs is fast and a fitting closer to the record.

Be sure to purchase this record when it is released on 23rd March via Black Lodge.


Eliminator-Last Horizon Review


Born out of a desire to play live, Eliminator began when guitarists Jack and Matt met and Lancaster University and started jamming together. Motivated entirely towards the aim of live performances, the first incarnation of the band played their first gig in 2008.

Starting with the exchange of riffs in 2019, it becomes clear that Eliminator are in the business of showing their skills. They push through and deliver a brilliant opener, the vocals are great and convey an interesting story of what the future might look like. The Last Horizon starts with the guitar riffs up on high before moving into solid riffage territory and the stories keep coming, shaping a brilliant song. Echoes begins with an acoustic guitar melody, which continues as the song begins to play, and the vocals kick in and the guitars then get heavier. Procession of Witches is classic metal, with a solid lead intro, moving into driving riffs and a hammer to the face. A song that will get people moving.

Edge of a Dream is a trip, a moving song that has a variety of lairs, all of which bring something to the song. The galloping rhythm of the song in parts adds the feeling that this could be one hell of an epic number when played live. Fall of the Seer has Iron Maiden influences, the chugging gallop reminds the listener of Phantom of the Opera and other great numbers done in that vein. The lyrics are brilliant and fit perfectly with the song. Another great song. Pride and Ruin is a gallop meets sarcastic vocal lines, and the work fits perfectly with the overall theme of the album. Spoils of An Empire is the longest song on the album and is a perfect fit, a mix of epic riffs, soaring vocal lines and some interesting melodies, the perfect finish for the album.

Be sure to get the record when it is released on 23rd March via Dissonance Productions.


Ascendant Interview

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I had the pleasure to talk with Ashish, from Ascendant:

What inspired the name of the band and your musical direction?

Ashish: We took a couple of months to come up with a name, and nothing really clicked. Choosing ‘Ascendant’ was a happy accident, really. I had a track titled ‘Ascendant’ which was released with my other band Blood & Iron, and I was showing Alaa (the other guitarist in Ascendant) the lyrics. He liked the song title and suggested that we use that for our band name, and we haven’t looked back since.

As for musical direction: We never put rules on the kind of sound we were going for, we let it happen naturally. The only criteria for musical ideas was a) whether it sounded good, and b) whether it served the spirit of the song. So if you listen to the album you’ll hear hints of many, many different styles of music and genres. I think this sort of creativity happens naturally when you let 5 musicians collaborate in a constructive way. We’re not trying to sound like anybody or be like any other band – we are happy being ourselves, and that’s enough to achieve this unique sound.

Where do you garner inspiration for your songs, lyrically and musically?

Ashish: Song writing and composition are activities that all members of the band have a hand in – and as such, each one finds inspiration in his own way. But, overall, we wanted the album to be ‘real’. Our songs are about what’s really happening in this world, and it’s straight from the heart. 3 of the band members grew up in Syria and have experienced the heartbreak and cruelty of war firsthand, as well as the triumph of the human spirit – and this album reflects these experiences.

We are not singing about vikings, dragons and the other stuff that seems to be the staple of some metal bands nowadays. People who buy this album will know they have something truly unique and genuine. These are human stories

What was the process behind writing the new album?

Ashish: When we initially started the band, we were just having fun and playing shows – and then a lot of our fans pushed us to put our songs down in an album, so we did just that. The chemistry in the band is unbelievable – we put a lot of thought into our music and it just clicked. We thought it was material that was worth recording – no fillers.

The recording process itself was slow – it happens trying to juggle full time jobs with music, but it finally came through and we are all very proud of the final output

Are there any particular songs you’re looking forward to playing live? 

Ashish: I really enjoy playing Doomsday Machine and Fog of War live. The former is the opener of the set and it really gets everyone pumped, the latter is chilling and emotional.

What plans do you have for the future?


Ashish: For the band – a bigger audience for our music, because I genuinely believe our music has a message worth hearing. For everything else – peace.


Serenity Interview

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After speaking with George, the vocalist for Serenity,  I spoke to Marco

1.     What inspired the name of the band?
The name was inspired by the song title of a song from the band Arena

2.     Many of your songs are inspired by history, which period of history is your favourite and why?
We don’t have a real fav period of history time. There are multiple characters from different periods which have a great appeal and have incredible stories to tell about

3.     What themes are explored on your latest album and why?
We were talking about Richard I of England, as known as Lionheart. We chose this theme as a great source of happenings and we explored the legacy and the acts from his persona, his doubts and his famous stories.

4.     What plans do you have for the future?
Increasing the fanbase, touring more and more and reaching more countries and more markets possible


Bullet-Dust To Gold Review

Bullet, who hail from Växjö, were formed in 2001 by vocalist Hell Hofers and guitarist Hampus Klang, who recalls that“The heroes of our teenage years were AC/DC, Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept, Rose Tattoo and Motörhead.”

Starting from a blitzkrieg with Speed and Attack which has the kick and bite of something truly classic from the eighties, Bullet show they mean business. Ain’t Enough is another monster speed song, bringing the screaming of Hell Hofers and the rip-roaring riffs to the fore. Rogue Soldier has swagger, guitarists Lyrbo and Klang bring the metal to the party, and Hofers brings his best vocal performance of the album so far. This seems like a real anthem. Fuel Fire has the heavy riffs that Rose Tattoo would adore, and it has the melodic sensibilities of Judas Priest, a real groovy number.

One More Round is a sonic one two punch, bringing riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on a Judas Priest record, Bullet are wearing their influences on their sleeves here. Highway Love, sounds like Motorhead circa Orgasmatron, big fat riffs and a solid drum line. The vocals are on point, and this is sure to be a groovy one when played live. Wildfire is Rose Tattoo and AcDc in one interesting mix, ballsy, and solid, a great song which would go well with the classic AcDc music videos from the eighties.  Screams in the Night is fast and heavy, mixing the volume with sharp riffs and breaks that allow Hofers to shine through.

Forever Rise starts with harmonised guitars and continues with the epicness that that initial harmony creates. There is something beautiful about harmonised guitars. Hofers creates the epic feeling with his vocals and the lyrics. The Prophecy is a short instrumental track that builds anticipation in the listener drawing them toward the conclusion something awesome is about to happen. Hollow Grounds with the build up from The Prophecy matches that perfectly. Solid riffs, big and bombastic vocals, a sure winner.  Dust to Gold the title track is also the final track, it has the sort of feeling that Rock n Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution had all those years ago. A fitting tribute to the album and rock in general.

Dust To Gold is a superb album packed full of hits, and songs that deserve a solid playing live. The album comes out on April 20th, via SPV/Steamhammer. Be sure to buy it!

Cult Of The Fox

Cult of The Fox Interview

Cult of the Fox


  1. What inspired the name of the band, and what are your influences?


The name is Peter’s creation so perhaps he’s better off to answer this one, at least when it comes to all details. But the idea came from the fascination of how the fox is portrayed in myths and fables. That it is a clever creature, independent. Also that it can be both good and bad. Then the fox, as a part of nature and living things, to honour the nature is another reason. To worship the fox, the cult around the fox.

Looking at the musical influences of the band it comes from many different places. And I think that is one of the strengths. My roots are in the classic 70’s bands, like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and such but I do listen to a lot more than that, I try to follow what’s going on in the scene. Peter is more into the 80’s and 90’s Heavy Metal in the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Anvil while Marcus listens a lot to more contemporary bands as The Haunted, Tribulation, Cult of Luna and so on. The wide range of influences is brought in to our music as well and I think that is a strength. The Cult Of The Fox sound have always been a little odd, not really Swedish Metal, not really German, not really NWOBHM, but still all of the above which makes it unique. We’re not trying to sound a particular way, what you hear is what comes out from the songwriting.


  1. Could you talk us through the recording process of the new album?

As we are a small band we don’t really have any recording budget. We discussed if we should invest in studio time for parts of the recording but decided to use the rehearse room instead. Magnus, the vocalist, works as a sound engineer and with the equipment available for home recording today it turns out great if you put a little love into it. Also, to not have to work towards a strict deadline is relaxing, it is fun to try out things like harmonies, choirs and so while the track is being recorded. It would never be time to do these extras if working in a real studio.

We worked with everything in parallel this time, recording drums in one session to the guitar demos and then added the rest of the instruments and vocals. Magnus did the mixing and we shipped the whole thing off to Endarker Studios for mastering.


  1. Where do you find inspiration for writing songs?

Inspiration comes from all and nothing. There’s no strict theme for lyrics so there can be a book, movie, expression or feeling that is turned into a lyric and the same goes for the music. It can be a guitarmelody, an idea for a riff or half a song that’s brought up and worked upon. For this record mainly Peter and Magnus came with the music, the foundation of the songs. Sometimes they remained as the original idea and sometimes it changed since I got to interpret Peter’s ideas from a very primitive demo. He perhaps has one idea, sometimes I heard the same, sometimes it came out as a completely different song. Then we took it from there and discussed how to move on. Of course, some parts was also worked upon in the rehearseroom to ensure the arrangements worked the best way they could.



  1. How has the band evolved since it started?

Cult Of The Fox’s style have always been a bit odd. It’s been intentional to write songs with a structure deviating from the standard. To try to avoid have songs with verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus… Of course, those are needed too because it’s needed to hook the listener in. If it’s too complex nothing will stick. But, it doesn’t have to be synonymous to have a standard structure and a catchy song and I think that’s a strength that has been developed over the years. To write songs that are catchy, have hooks but with a twist.


  1. What plans do you have for the future?


First focus is to get the record out and promote that one as much as we can. We are planning to do a lyrical video for one of the songs and we have new merchandise coming in soon.

We are also playing Doom Over Scania in a few weeks together with bands as Count Raven, Mortalicum, Iron Void and a few more. I wish I could list a whole bunch of gigs but right now that’s the only one we have booked. We’re definitely available for gigs if the opportunity is given.

Also, considering how fun it is to play right now. We will probably come up with some new songs quite soon but what will happen with those the future will have to tell.

Black Cyclone

Black Cyclone-Death Is King Review

Hailing from Sweden, the thrash metal band have produced an absolute blinder of an album in the ominous Death is King, and this is a record that all thrash and speed metal fans must look at. It starts superbly with opening track Death is Crowned King, which is a lesson in speed metal, bringing deafening guitars, and solid vocals to the fore. This is followed by Hordes another monster of a song that moves through the speed generator until one must worry that music fans will snap their necks. Black Cyclone is next, bringing another element to the table, this time the guitars take charge and slash through the chaos to bring perfection.

Falling Star moves between absolute demon of a song, and epicness, bringing multi-pronged attacks in the vocals and the guitar parts. Beast Battalion is brutal. Whilst IAH is a lesson in a speed metal masterclass. The band truly aren’t holding back here, and the record benefits from it. It is encouraging to see such perfection from such a new and upcoming band.

Under Your Hoof is a song that will go down very well live, bringing elements of classic eighties metal with a modern tinge. Death By Crushing is the same, another quality song, that brings metal to the forefront of the modern age. This Is It is fast and furious and rounds up the album well.

The album comes out on 27th April 2018 via Gates of Hell Records. Be sure to purchase it.