Josh Stevens-Home

"Home," by Josh Stevens is a thoughtful song. Reflective and filled with some melancholy and a bit of hope. The piano melody brings in some interesting elements, and the vocals really go all in for the big sweep. A fascinating song that truly gets the listener going, and will surely get people singing along when... Continue Reading →


"Busy," by Thanks comes in strong. The vocals are sultry and seductive, the instrumentation is filled with hooks and encourages the listener to really get into the groove of things. As the song progresses, there's a little switcheroo that really gets to the heart of the matter. Listen here:

Abisme-As Fear Falls In

"Amoral Era," is calming, tumultous and chaotic all at once, a brilliant introduction. "Hive," snaps and crackles with brutal energy and allows the listener to truly bathe in the light of chaos. "Gateless Call," is slow moving and destructive to the max. "What Open Eyes Brings," is frenetic and chaotic and energetic all at once.... Continue Reading →

Nukore-One Minute Silence

"Black Friday," is frenetic and energetic and keeps the energy going throughout. "Give Me My Pain," pushes through and energises the listener into fully embracing the style. "Your Home Is A Mess," slams and slams hard. "Erase and Redefine," comes in hard and keeps pushing throughout. "One Love, One Life," is thoughtful and chaotic. A... Continue Reading →

Desoluna Interview

What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences? The name of the band was Patricks idea. The name is taken from the name of his former band, Desolate. We are influenced by the grey routines of everyday. Musically, bands like Sisters of Mercy and Paradise Lost are close at hand. 2.... Continue Reading →

Redeye Caravan-Nostrum Remedium

"The Descent," takes an interesting turn. Slowly shifting through the strands of time and bringing about some new realities. "A Gallop From Afar," goes slightly down the crazy end. "El Muerto," really gets into the swing of things, and delivers the sainted country lines. "Good Man Richard," gets dark on the country front. "Ozymandias," punches... Continue Reading →

Hot Sunday Blood-Kein Licht

"Habits/Abyss," fades into being, slowly bringing itself into focus and allowing the listener to truly grasp the enormity of what is unfolding before them. "Kein Licht," pounds the ground, sharpening the tools of the band into something else entirely, something quite fascinating. "No Way Out," thunders into being, driving the ground and shaking everything through.... Continue Reading →

The Hellfreaks-God On The Run

"Men in Grey," comes barrelling in on a frenzy, driving the day and ensuring the listener is immediately hooked. The vocals snap and bite with sarcasm and rage. "Red Sky," goes in hard. Turning the bullet points into something more, something much better than one could have imagined. "Hello Sea!" roars with frenetic energy and... Continue Reading →

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