Their debut album was refreshingly new, their second album starts with the clean guitar jangle of the intro moving between lines and creating good time feelings. Queen is bluesy swagger, that would sit down well with Cream and other great bands, the vocals soar and sing throughout. The Wheel is classic rock and roll, a big riff, with melody and charm underlying it. Sunshine Street is slower, more summertime jangle, a song that’s sure to go down well with a few beers. How Sweet It Would be dangles and jangles, playing off varying things to create something new and unique.

Hillside has swagger and a brutal riff that would make the great riff masters of the past proud. The vocals are melodic and proud. Surrender shifts between spacey infused rock to swaggery bluesy dance music. Out Of Line has more swagger in it, with the riffs dancing off the fretboard. Blues Inside is a softer acoustic number that highlights some classic melodies and tunes. Alligater is big and bold, a fitting finish to the album.

SVVAMP 2 is out on June 1st via Riding Easy.


Dyecrest-Are You Not Entertained?


Fading/Reaching starts things off with a nice little haunting start, before grooving into absolute heaviness with a brilliant riff that catches the attention and the ear. Red Alert is fast, frenetic and anthemic, a song that is sure to go down well when played live. The Stage is Set is another epic number, playing on the changing guitar melodies and the insanity brought about through shifting vocal melodies. No Fear is brimming with differences, the piano led vocals create a sense of despair but also a sense that there might be something more, the guitar led vocals bring the sense of hope a little further to light. First Born Angel is big and bombastic, from the choral vocals at the introduction, to the guitars and the drums, bombast leads the way and wins. Breaking News is a short number, the anthem of the newsrooms. Are You Entertained shifts with heavy bass swagger, and greater guitar frenetic work, mixing things together.

Where The Light Was Born is soft and heavy, mixing elements of classic melodies with downright heaviness, bringing something that is both epic and also quite chaotic. For The Better is absolute carnage, the guitars drive the song, and the vocals take the chance to move from start to finish with bombast. Devil Dance is filled with swagger, dancing and grooving, with the vocals barking out commands. Nuku Vaan is softer, piano led, driving the song through edges of reality. Winterblood follows Nuku Vaan, softer, melodic and orchestral in parts. The Time Has Come sways with epicness, from the piano leads down to the absolute anthemic choral arrangements.

The album is out May 25th Via Inverse Records.


Unborn Generation

Unborn Generation-Void


Shadow kicks things off, with the dark discordant riffs, before moving into absolute bedlam. Ritual is dark, booming and grooving, with a solid bass riff that keeps things very interesting. Preacher is heavy, dark and growling, with the vocals snarling their way to fruition. King is pure heaviness, the bass and guitars gel well off of one another. Terminal is fast and heavy, bringing the album to critical mass. Trickster is slower, more despondent but also frenetic. Underground dances through from side to side, swinging and swaying, and bringing heaviness.

Harbinger dances from heaviness, to discordant and back again, bringing some elements of pure chaos to the fore. Succubus is fast and furious, the guitars and drums add an element of insanity. Diehard is pure Motorhead but with extra bite. Wrath is punkish with flair and stamina that drives things to its critical point. Daggers is slower, more haunting and chaotic, with the big swells that one has come to expect. Title track Void is discordant, brimming with energy and darkness.

The album is out on 15th June via Inverse Records.

Schubert In Rock

Schubert In Rock-Commander Of Pain Review


Empathy begins with the rocking edges of the riffs, fading into the solid bass lines that bring listeners toward head moving in appreciation. It broaches into classic rock. Burning Heart comes screaming into motion with distorted chaos, before moving into swaggering rock and roll from the top and bottom of the spectrum. Little Boy is slower, with the guitars shredding their hearts desires out on open and ensuring that the epicness of the song is firmly implanted. Too Late is another slower number that builds up into an absolute masterpiece to bring things together for a thrilling climax. Under The Lights brings things back into good old rock and roll territory, with a soaring riff and chorus chant, that is sure to get people moving when played live. World With No Tomorrow is dark, enchanting and simply epic, with thrilling melodies and guitars intertwining. Forgive Me When I fall dances through, from hard rock, to sixties and seventies prog.

Ride The Bullet is a bluesy number that plays on a few things, the darkness within the world, and the haunting vocal melodies of singer Walter Stuefer, add in the huge guitar melodies and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. On The Line is good old fashioned rock, with a riff to die for and a vocal hook for the ages. It’s Our World is some epic guitar shredding, dancing throughout the song as it moves from one height to the next. Dance Of The Black Tatoo is heaviness, bringing a grounding riff and some serious sludge to the fore. Commander of Pain is epic, infusing prog melodies with metal riffs and an epic vocal line. My Name is Judas is dark and taunting, hovering at the edges of acceptability within the musical context of the album.

The album is out on 29th June via Pure Steel Records.

Street Dogs

Street Dogs-Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing Review

The title track kicks things off with some driving riffs and frenetic energy, the vocals are filled with raw energy. Other Ones is another fast paced song, bringing with it a hint of the good times, and memories of days gone by. The Comeback Zone is another call and response song that brings something new and fresh, and ensures the band will be playing this album in full, live. Angels Calling sounds like it was made for the old west, with big fat guitars, a haunting melody and a story time sounding lyrical story. These Ain’t The Old Days is a embrace, a salute to times gone by whilst also serving as a mourning song. Working Class Heroes with its jiving guitars and upbeat rhythms is a middle finger to establishment and a tribute to the working class of the United States.

Lest We Forget is a rocker, bringing big fat stacks with piercing vocal melodies. The Round Up is punkish with some hint of Bruce Springsteen thrown in, another song that is sure to be a favourite when played live. Mary On Believer Street is a dancing number, filled with big riffs, big vocals and big rhythms, an all round monster of a song. Never Above You, Never Below You is the call and response anthem that the album has been building toward. You can just imagine the sing along. Torn and Frayed is a bluesy number that closes things out with that sense of hope, and something bordering on despair.

The album is out on June 22nd via Century Media.



Coldbound-The Gale

20954042_710745159122852_2625299444440027227_n 2

Starting with the haunting and reflective 61, Coldbound set things up to be quite fascinating for the listener, as they are lulled into thinking this might be a softer, lighter album. The moment the guitars kick in and the ferocity becomes apparent, it is clear they were wrong. The Invocation is slow, grounding, heavy and brutal, with the riffs bringing things to an interesting mix of destruction and rebuilding. Endurance Through Infinity is big on the heavy riffs, and the sweltering destruction in the vocals. My Solace is slower and slightly more melodic, with the guitars bringing a calming edge, ensuring the listener can catch their breath. Title track The Gale is big, broad and furious, with staccato riffs and tremolo picking, the vocals roar and growl.

The Eminent Light is a slower, more thoughtful, epic song that takes shifts and turns and makes them something original and dark in a manner that has never been touched upon before. Winters Unfold, is dark, harmonious and a double stop with the guitars singing and the guttural vocals soaring. Shades Of Myself is going to be a live favourite, with audiences getting the chance to move with the music. Towards The Weeping Skies is simply epic, with darkness unfolding at every turn, and a lighter side hinting at itself within the melodies and the choruses.

The album will be released on 10th June via Moonlight Productions.

Woorms/A Hanging

Woorms/A Hanging- 7 Split Review


Woorms The Math Says yes is haunting, trippy and somewhat eclectic in terms of style and grace, a song that is sure to get people moving their heads when played live.

Graft by A Hanging is fast, furious and pounding, containing all the hallmarks of what makes a great moshpit song. Document is fast, galloping and frenetic, brilliantly executed guitars and pounding rhythms make this one hell of a song. Winter is similar in style and tempo and perfectly executed.

The record is out via Hospital/Paranoize Records on 6th June.

The Human Race Is Filth

The Human Race Is Filth-Liberate Review


Native Biological Warfare is chaos and distortion given life, fuelling the chaotic mind processes present within so many. Burning the Swines is distorted and full of rage and anger. Vein Full is furious and monstrous in its delivery. Hung By Illusion follows a similar pattern, rage and menace present throughout.

Capital Torture is big, bold and thrashing metal mad. Chain Game is a mix between chaos and order, swinging between the two with a madness that has not been seen for some time. Slow March is destruction given life. Concrete Soldier is pounding, grimy and despotic, brilliant.

The album is out now.


Mascharat-Mascharat Review


Hailing from the land of intrigue and the Visconti, Mascharat’s debut album brings with it a great deal of promise. From the haunting melodies of the introduction, the darkness of the piano, to the fierce growling and riff monster that is Bauta, the band show within the first two songs that they are here to stay and make an impact. M├ędecin de Peste is slower and ominous with the guitars and drums combining to create hell on Earth, the quickening tempo adds to the atmosphere. Mora is slower, darker, more brooding and melodic and brings some serious kickassery to the fore. Vestibolo, is slower, melodic, haunting and changing, with the guitars and the instrumentation making this seem like the interlude to some great battle.

Simulacri is driving, with a big riff and a pounding rhythm, it carries through and makes the second half of this album interesting from the get. Iniziazione is haunting, dark and grooving with the guitars providing the melodic darkness to the screams of the war. Rito is dark, thrashy and completely heavy. Outro is softer, more melodic and a nice little change from the rest of the album.


A brilliant effort, and out now via Seance Records.


Aggression-Feels Like Punk Sounds Like Thrash Review


Avalanche starts proceedings off with the distorted echoing of the guitars, and the discordant background noise, creating the sense that chaos is about to unfold. Attack Of The Ice Lizards is fast, thrashy and downright heavy, a song to bring people together in the mosh pit. Jehovah’s Evil Curse is slower, more taunting and gruesome, the vocals are shattering. Tales of Terror is fast, upbeat and also slightly frantic, the guitars and drums move through the paces at lightning speed. Stench Of Your Mediocre Existence is fast, pulsating and generally quite punk.

Riding With The Living Dead is fast, breakneck riffs coming at you with the piercing aggression in the vocals makes this a song that is sure to generate a lot of motion when played live. Torturing The Deceased is fast, chaotic and frantic a song fit for such a band. Once Upon A Time In Hell is slower, grander and epic, with searing guitar leads, and scorching vocals. A River of Piss and Vinegar dances down the track and ensures that the band reach ever new heights.

The album is out on June 1st via Dissonance.