Cellar Darling, Kamelot, Leaves Eyes

Kamelot with special guests Leaves Eyes and Cellar Darling Live At Electric Brixton.

On Friday 12th October, thousands gathered at Electric Brixton for five hours of Heavy Metal magic.

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The first band to greet punters was Leaves Eyes. They delivered an absolutely killer set, bringing thunderous riffs, snarling vocals and some soaring vocal performances to the crowd. The audience rightly went mental during the performances of classics such as “Sign Of The Dragonhead,” “Edge of Steel,” and “Riders On The Wind”. They finished off with magic and fire, and there was even a Viking present. A fitting start.


Cellar Darling.JPG

Next were Cellar Darling, playing their only UK date on this leg of the tour. They came out in force, performing barnstormers such as “Black Moon,” and “Avalanche,”with great pride and precision. After an initially cautious reception, the crowd got fully into it, so that by the time Cellar Darling performed “Fire, Wind and Earth,” and “Challenge,” the entire theatre shook with power and might.


Closing out the night were the headliners, and the heavy metal legends that are Kamelot. They opened up strongly with “Phantom Divine,” kicking of proceedings, from the get go, the crowd was singing and roaring along. Tommy Kaverik sounded in amazing form, and the band provided some solid backing for him. Other standouts included “March of Mephisto,” which saw the devil horns roaring into life and “The Great Pandemonium,” as well as “Veil of Elysium.” Finishing off with “Karma,” “Forever,” and “Liar, Liar,” was a stroke of genius. Lauren Hart was a brilliant addition, providing soaring vocals on “Sacrimony,” and guttural vocals on “March,” as well as “Liar, Liar,”. All in all Kamelot stole the show and performed like the wizards they truly are.


Fractal Cypher

Fractal Cypher-Prelude To An Impending Outcome Review

fractalcypheralbumcover web.jpg

“Coming Back To Life,” is haunting, filled with chilling melodies and floating riffs. It does not conform to any set pattern and instead, seems to set its own pace. “The Grandeur Of It All,” is jazzy, inspired by one take and then another, it shifts seamlessly between levels.

“From Above and To The Stars,” roars into life and builds on the pace and light of the guitars and melodies. “Red Lady,” a rocker and a bluesy one to finish things off.


The album is out on 8th November.


Saboter-Architects Of Evil Review

“Temple of R’yleh,” is a fascinating little ditty, with a powerful groove and force to it, the riffs are amazing and the arrangements of the instruments are powerful and moving. “Architects Of Evil,” riff drive, filled with aggression and power, whilst the vocals weave a tale. “Rose Red,” another epic tale constructed off the back of a powerful riff. “Golden Owl,” another song that is filled with harmonised riffs, and a brutal vocal melody.

“To Glory We March,” has the war feeling down pat. Filled with energy and grit, determination continues down that path. “Sword Of The Guardian,” a rocker backed by solid riffs and an impressive vocal arrangement that keeps the listener on their toes throughout. “Order of Charity,” a song that grooves, shakes and shimmers with pride and agency. “Lamias Call,” a fitting closer with epic riffs and destructive vocal lines.

The album is out on 16th November via No Remorse Records.

Iron Lamb

Iron Lamb-Blue Haze Review


“Apocalypse Express,” comes in with a fast wah-wah riff, bringing grit and energy and combined with determination to ensure that the listener is hooked from the get go. The vocals are filled with swagger. “Bound By Gravity,” is a rocker in the old school style, filled with ballsy riffs and dancing, swaggering grooves. “Into The Night,” a song that transcends the normal pattern of metal songs, it shimmers and grooves with energy and power. “The Hunt,” darkens the clouds and rocks out with power and speed. Powering through, the vocals deliver a serious punch.

“Erase/Rewind,” takes things to a whole new level, slowly pushing through and encouraging more contemplative thinking with power and grace. “Fallin’ Like Dominoes,” a song that has everything you could want, a catchy riff, a serious hook and a vocal powerhouse. “The Iron and the Lamb,” weaves a story on the back of some seriously impressive vocal melodies and guitar harmonies. “Dead Beat,” finishes things off, a driving riff leading the way.

The album is out on 26th October via The Sign Recordings.


KOSM-Cosmonaut Review

Album Cover - KOSM - Cosmonaut - 2018.jpg

“Space Mead,” starts things off with a fiery riff. It soon progresses into a lengthy melodical piece, with the vocals weaving a story into being. “Cosmonaut,” the title track is a riff heavy beast of a song. “Colossus,” slows things down allowing the vocals really shine through with a haunting melody and a piercing soaring vocal range. “Wolves Upon The Throne,” another beastly song that is driven by a gigantum riff. “The Esoteric Order,” another song that leads the way in terms of bite and pleasure. “Farseer,” haunting and driven.

“Ancient Heart,” mixes things up a little, twisting and turning with bite and grace, and slowly shifting through the strands to produce something quite spectacular. “Omnipresence,” snarls and bites. “Fiefdom In The Sky,” slows things down allowing for a breather and for the vocals to truly shine through. “Monarch,” makes things interesting, grit and determination combining into something solid. “Umbrakinesis,” is very jazz inspired. “Wza-Yei,” snarls and bites and chews the listener out.

The album is out on November 16th.


Haiduk-Exomancer Review

“Death Portent,” barrels in, snarling and snaking along with grace and power. “Unsummon,” comes in diverging from this way and that, with interesting melodies and a little bit of a snake bite. “Evil Art,” another fast paced song that trills and tremolos right and left. “Subverse,” travails through. “Icevoid Nemesis,” the best song on the record, the melodies shift and change and the guitars work their way into perfection. “Doom Seer,” is angry and aggressive, filled with rage and power.

“Pulsar,” moves with the beat. “Blood Ripple,” combines aggression and grit together into one unstoppable force. “Once Flesh,” snarls. “Crypternity,” finishes things off nicely with a little stop and start.


The album is out on 17th October.

The Great Sabatini

The Great Sabatini-Goodbye Audio Review


“Still Life With Maggots,” thunders into being, a sarcastic quip here and there fully laying down the ground work for the songs to come. “Dog Years,” another song that thunders into being, snarling and growling with might. “Strip Mall,” sarcastic and a middle finger to convention. “You’re Gonna Die,” thunderous and heavy, a ball of energy and grit.

“Tax Season In Dreamland,” meanders along, producing some absolute thunder. “Brute Cortege,” shimmers down this way and that, linking with harmonies and darkness. “Hand of Unmaking,” produces another rambunctious metallic energy gripe.

The album is out on 16th November.