The Filaments

The Filaments Interview


1.    What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?

Honestly, the name came about because when we stared, we had an offer for a show, but no name.  We hadn’t thought about it, and were 16 years old, a bit naïve, and flicked through a dictionary and “filament” was the first word we landed on.  I really regret having a band name that wasn’t given any consideration at all, but I’ve also grown to quite like it.  I think of fungal filaments as a good metaphor for punk rock: underground, coming together to make something that spreads out, flourishing in decay, but also a bit gross!

2.     What themes were you looking to explore on the new record?
I don’t set out to try and write about any set thing, I wait till the motivation grabs me.  I’ve never been inspired by writing songs about feelings and emotions though, I’m more interested in things that are happening in the world around me. While writing ‘look to the skies’ the Syrian refugee crisis was unfolding, the Labour Party was being reshaped by a resurgent left, the extreme right were marching in Europe and America, austerity was condemning workers to real term wage cuts of a fifth of their pay packets…. these are the sorts of subjects our songs address.

3.     What do you think has changed about the music scene since you started?

The first thing that springs to mind is the digital revolution, with songs now being available at the click of a mouse button.  When we started, you would still order a CD into the record shop cause you read you might like it, wait two weeks until it was in, and then go buy it hoping it was a good choice.  That’s a million miles away from today of course.  Bands have to be online now to get attention, making videos, getting on playlists.  We are not on top of all that stuff at all… so I suspect we don’t get through to as many people as we might otherwise.

4.     What plans do you have for the future?

Plans haha.  We hope to play a few more shows, and I’m always writing tunes and hoping we have another album ahead of us. We are not a band set on world domination, there’s no massive marketing campaign and world tour to come… I hope to keep enjoying what we do, keep playing fun shows and keep a few people wanting to hear what we are all about.

Black Viper

Black Viper-Hellions Of Fire Review


Hellions Of Fire begins with the acoustic and electric guitars strumming out their melodies, whilst the lead shreds above them, it progresses gradually into a fast paced monster, bringing elements of heaviness, and darkness to the fore. Metal Blitzkrieg is fast with the guitars soaring, and the vocals leading the trail. Quest For Power is epic, snarling, biting and growing in strength as everything progresses. Storming With Vengeance Is fast paced, producing some interesting melody arrangements and shifting through gears nicely.

Suspiria moves from fast paced blitzkrieg, to something with a hint of slowness and melody, but with the underlying speed still present throughout. Freedom’s Reign snarls and bites, bringing in a lot of power and energy. Nightmare Mausoleum is fast paced, long and filled with twists and turns that make every moment worth it.

The album is out 14th September via High Roller Records.

Tyrant Disciple

Tyrant Disciple-Weight Of Oblivion Review

The Great Dead One snarls into being, with a pounding riff, and a growling darkening power of energy in the vocals. Waste pounds its way into action, delivering a solid one-two blow that knocks people out. Weight Of Oblivion moves and dances across the periphery, bringing the listener in tune with the darkness. Cancer is fast and chaotic. Blood Countess begins slowly, before moving into action, producing something dark and derelict.

Peace of Violence moves into gear, one riff at a time, producing pounding, and exhilarating metal. Long Lives The King is built on power and groove, melody coming in second. Eternal Burn thrashes and dances. Bringer of Rain pounds and grounds producing nothing more than a mosh pit masterpiece. Funeral Veil is thrash at its best, the perfect way to close up shop.

The album is out September 7th via Inverse Records.

The Heretics Fork

The Heretics Fork-Tormentore Review

P2-013 Cover.jpg

Realms Of Unmitigated Anguish is as dark and heavy as its name suggests, bringing to bear the poison and darkness of everything within humanity. Concealed In Infamy growls its way through, and produces some very memorable elements. Sacrosanct Disembowelment is a song that produces different ranges of aggression. The Malefic Womb is poisonous incarnate.

Abyssal Submergence contracts and contrasts deeply within its own self producing something that is surely a genuine masterpiece. Diminished Unto Lunacy is chaotic. Unhuman Engorgement moves and snarls. Vespers of Torment summarises everything on this album nicely.

The album is out 31st October via P2 Records.

Kvlt of Eblis

Kvlt of Eblis-Templo de La Serpiente Negra Review

KVLT OF EBLIS - CoverArt.jpg

Intro is haunting, a death chant to the darkness. El Despertar de la Bestia is snarling, growling menace, filled with energy and bite. Vudu is haunting and pounding, mixing the disconnect with snarling biting riffs. Rex Mortis comes pounding through the gate, snarling and ripping itself apart.

Hekate is haunting and powerful, a darkness that grows and destroys. Lepaca Lillith is another song that flows from one portion to another, growing and changing with the wind. Portal Uterico finishes things off with darkness and light.

The album is out on 31st August via Morbid Skull Records.

Kapil Seshasayee

Kapil Seshasayee- A Sacred Bore Review


A Sacred Bore comes in with a play in experimentation, the notes are chaotic, the melodies are stark, but there is a deep sense that much is happening deep underneath, upon lairs and lairs of texture. Ligature Hymnal is dark, brooding, and powerful, based off the back of a deep riff that would make Steve Vai proud, whilst combining grooves that would make Ravi Shankar envious. Exemption Hum mixes the flute with guitar strums and beats, the combination is infectious. The Ballad of Bant Singh is intriguing, bollywood and bhangra mixed with Blur and the Britpop scene. Agni is foreboding, glum and aggressive in one, an interesting combination.

The Agitprop blurs the lines between anger, and fudge, bringing about the true Indian within the music, blending it all together into one glob. A Glass Wig, is slow, and a fudge of different elements, bringing it all together for confusion and chaos. Kali is a storm. Caustic Wit is aggressive, plain, mixed and downright confusing in parts. Hatred In The Belly is mixed.

The album is out on 14th September via Loner Noise.

Black Mirrors

Black Mirrors-Look Into The Black Mirror Review


Shoes For Booze is chaotic, filled with fuzz drenched riffs, and soaring melodies, a true intro for the band. Funky Queen is a trip through body and soul, bringing nice melodies, soaring textures, and a pounding bass. Lay My Burden Down is grooving, filled with energy and rhythm, powering the song is a catchy riff, this is sure to be a concert favourite. Inner Reality is slower, more groove orientated with the bolstering of the vocals, adding depth to the song. Moonstone is a slow fudge, along the path of darkness, the vocals soar, the guitars growl, and everything slits nicely into place.

Gunther Kimmich is pounding, upright and feisty, adding a lot of depth to proceedings. Cold Midnight Drum shows why this band is going places, it shifts and turns with precise turn, the melodies and riffs are on point, everything simply flies together. Mind Shape is a rocker, backed by a seriously grooving riff, and mixed together with a solid core. Burning Warriors is a fitting closer, filled with energy and bounce, it takes the lead in changing boundaries and melding everything together.

This classic album is out on 31st August via Napalm Records, be sure to get it.




Further On kicks off with the big guitar chords, the line played on an acoustic guitar, to create a pique of interest, it moves into an interesting discordant tune, bringing something dark and foreboding.

Soul is haunting, bringing strong melodies to the fore, whilst ensuring that the listener does not forget the chimes in the background. The guitars become stronger as the song progresses, producing a masterpiece.


Axe Steeler

Axe Steeler Interview

  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?


At first the band was going to be called Axe Steel, however, we decided to put “Steeler” at the end (like the song of Judas Priest), we found more attractive to the proposal we wanted to show. As for the inspirations we had bands like Axe Victims (Ger), Axe Witch (Swe) and even our brothers from Italy Axevyper.


The influences in general are many the wave of the NWOBHM, the heavy metal German, Swedish, French not to mention all the heavy metal traditional.


  1. What themes are explored on On The Run and how did you decide on them?


They are very diverse and each one explores its own history, from “Back to Stage” that makes a call or reference to return to scenarios to play metal, to “Battlefield” that goes in search of achieving and reaching our objectives, each song fits perfectly in what we want to show, that’s why they were chosen.


  1. What’s your songwriting process?


In the first instance the music is made, guitar riffs (solos, arrangements), basses and drums; finally the vocal melody, the vocalist has been responsible for impregnating his particular label according to the feeling that the music produces.


  1. Which songs are you looking forward to playing live?


All the songs that are on our first album, are 8 in total and we will release it under the German label IRON SHIELD RECORDS on September 7, so do not forget to contact us to get your copy and play it at a damn high volume!


  1. What plans do you have for the future?


For now sharing the stage with great heavy metal legends such as GLACIER, PILEDRIVER and MEDIEVAL STEEL, in addition to the powerful bands that adorn the poster of JAGUAR FEST II, in a more future plan we have to work on new songs for what would be the second album.



Empress - Crawl - Promosmall.jpg

Owls soars, and pours itself out, the emotion runs through the words and the melodies. The guitars lead the charge producing a restive melody ensuring that nobody forgets where things are coming from. This is a tantalisingly good single, and one that sets the tone nicely for the future.

The single is out now.