Black Mass

Black Mass-Warlust Review


“Intro,” is dark and haunting, bringing about the chaos within. “Warlust,” is ferocious and filled with chaotic energy that belies any proper sense or order. “Programmable Life Forms,” follows the pattern, a blistering riff set in with a savage vocal line. “High Priest In Black,” roars and screams its way through. “Graveyard Rock,” keeps things interesting jangling backwards and forwards.

“Interlude,” softens things and turns them into an interesting melodical arrangement. “Hellhounds,” darkens the mood and keeps the blistering speed up. “Bible Stomp,” pounds and moves. “Virgin Sacrifice,” goes dark and never returns. “Fuelled By Drugs,” another pounding and blistering monument.

The album is out on February 15th.


Ravager-Thrashletics Review

“Descending Dawn,” is slow, haunting and builds up the sense that something more is coming. “Mindblender,” is that something. Furious and filled with rage, it moves with ferocity and aggression that would snap a normal person’s neck. “Thrashletics,” another pounding monster of a song that comes with ferocity and groove. The riffs are everything. “Society Of Blunted State,” a commentary of the world set to a fiery riff. “Dysphoria,” slows things down a tad, but keeps the aggression and rage within the melodies and chords.

“Slaughter of Innocents,” is a rage filled take on the slaughter and massacres of the world. “Pit Stop,” metal thrashing madness for the masses. “Kill For Nothing,” takes things up a notch, and keeps the energy high. The pit will be mad for this song. “Dead Future,” snarls and bites and finishes off perfectly.

The album is out on February 15th.

Purser Deverill

Purser Deverill- Square One Review


“Square One,” comes in with that bombastic piano intro, and some interesting soaring melodies on the guitar and the listener can tell instantly that things are going to be good. The song has a definitive good time feel about it. “Hypnotise,” is a darker song, with that added musical intonation that really adds a bite to the song, and ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Travel The World,” is an absolute rocker, bringing the big chords and the major hooks back from the Seventies. “Beat Them, Join Them,” is a groovy melodic song that continues its growth and appreciation throughout. “Make It True,” is an old time ballad, with that modern flourish that makes it so addictive.

“With You,” a song that carries both weight and added sense ventures into new realms with frequency and grit. “Factor X,” has that territory, dark and gritty, with energy and groove, a pace within the new world. “Captured In Freefall,” another song that delivers the goods and promises so much more, a rocking anthem for the ages. “Darkest Cloud,” slows things down a tad, and then works them back up, the piano is a very nice touch. “Apocalypse Then,” comes gunning in with serious fright and might.

The album is out now via Mighty Music.

Blood Region

Blood Region-Tales Of The Backwoods Review

“Transcendence Into Magic,” is haunting, the perfect opener. “Phantom Lands,” comes in with a jagged riff, and some serious edge. It contains a heavy melodical contingent, and some downright anger. “Korpi Metal Riders,” is another thrashy masterpiece, that directs the listener’s attention and keeps it held pronto. “Through The Wolfwoods,” is haunting and in parts terrifying, a journey that takes multiple steps. “Kaiho,” an epic journey through the woods and winter, filled with acoustic flourishes and power moves.

“Mountain of White Fire,” stands tall and demands to be heard. Something that not a lot of other songs can be said to have done. Independently of the main album, this song in of itself could be a masterpiece. “The Oaken Passage,” is a song that delivers elements of hybrid fusion, Bringing acoustic melodies and hard metal licks to the fore. “Wahanca,” delivers acoustic sensibilites, and lulls the listener into feeling at peace. “Phoenix,” drives the darkness up several levels. “Waters Of Tohtaa,” delivers ephereal music in a setting of chaos and anger.

The album is out on 18th December.

Vision Quest

Vision Quest-Vision Quest Review


“The Quest Begins,” is the perfect introduction, a spoken word intro with dramatic acoustic music starting. “Medieval Hero,” is a dramatic piano rendition with mixed guitar interludes bringing things to the fore. “The Sacred Crown,” is bombastic and encourages headbanging and horn raising. “Valley Of The Lost,” is a thoughtful piece, that strays once or twice, but keeps strong in its roots. “The Eve of Battle,” brings about some serious energy and is quite epic. “Avatar,” is slow, and thoughtful. “The Immortal,” is a rocker with driving riffs.

“Evil Laughter,” is classic power metal, with a stuttering keys lick and a buoyant riff. “Master of Hopes,” is exhilarating from start to finish, never quite giving an indication of where it might end up. “Eternal Love,” the most powerful of power ballads, a soaring melody and a hooky guitar line. “All These Years,” is slow and melodic, with a thoughtful tint to it that belies the heaviness within the lyrical content. “Lost In Time,” another epic number. “Dragons Of Tomorrow,” is very power metal, and very eighties. “The Run,” a melodic closer to a fantastic album.

The album is out on 14th December via Rockshots Records.

Steel Engraved

Steel Engraved- Steel Engraved Review


“Where Shadows Remain,” starts off strong with the orchestral opening, it then grows in strength, moving through with power and charm, delivering a few big knockouts and ensuring the listener is hooked. “Generation Headless,” is next, delivering a sharp burst of energy and growth to the album and ensuring the listener is kept hooked. “The Oppressed Will Fly,” is next with some seriously interesting work on the guitars and the melodies. “Slave To Yourself,” is next, producing an interesting dynamic something that is leant by the guitars and the vocal patterns. “Nightwarriors,” continues this march, delivering one big blow then the next, and never letting go.  “Rebellion,” another song with full throttle energy, pounding out a pattern with some serious riffage.

“Searching For Regret,” eases its way into being, delivering a hit and then another and then another. “One Bye One,” starts promisingly with the heaviness of the bass intro, it delivers with the guitar intro shortly afterward and never quite lets up. “Heat,” another song with similar patterns of energy and grace, slamming into life with power. “Your Inner Self,” pauses at times, delivering sharp shocks at others, and is always filled with grace. “Close Your Eyes,” reflective. “We Will Follow,” another soul searcher, that delivers in interesting measurements. “All That Lies Below,” delivers some interesting shifts and changes.

The album is out on 25th January via Rock of Angels Records.

Bless The Dead

Bless The Dead- The Boar’s Nest

“Drinking Me,” a pounding and crushing groove fest. “Sex Sells,” moves with energy and power never quite leaving the shell but also sticking the finger up at it. “2 Tickets,” is a barrage of energy and power that leaves the listener with a soar neck and back from moving with the music so hard. “Whiskey Whore,” slower, but filled with anger and power.

“Kiss The Earth,” a slower song with all the right elements of sludge and power. “A Cold Day In Hell.” delivers on energy and power. “Silent Of The Night,” slowly shifts and digs in without care.

The album is out on 18th December.


Malmorte-Hell For All Review

Malamorte cover_highres.jpg

“Advent,” with the flare of the trumpets makes it clear where the band is going, with the big sound and the grit of the past. “Antichrist,” comes barrelling in with some serious riffage and snarling, a true opus. “Warriors of Hell,” delivers another slap into the listener’s face, moving one and then a second, with powering riffage. “Holy or Unholy,” another song that ventures within the bounds, taking the listener by storm. “Mother,” a song that just oozes pure class, never quite slowing down, but also never quite letting up.

“Hell For All,” the title track and an absolute spell binder, delivering the goods with sharp precision. “Son,” a song that caters within the original aspects of the methods, and delivers a brutal repository. “The Worshippers of Evil.” another pounding and ferocious song that leaves the listener with a sore neck from headbanging. “Satan’s Slave,” delivers a slap and then a flourish, bringing heaviness to the fore. “God is Nothing,” another song that roars and rages.

The album is out on 25th January via Rockshots Records.

All Else Fails

All Else Fails- The False Sanctuary Review

All Else Fails - The False Sanctuary - Album Ar...

“A Dream Of Names,” is haunting, defying and filled with heft and grit. “Wolves,” comes in with a barrage, and doesn’t stop until there is something of the listener left on the floor, simply brilliant. “Thrice Broken,” shifts and twirls with energy and a slowness that has surely been worked on over time. “The Pause,” is filled with sludge goodness and a deftness that leaves the listener wanting more.

“Love In The Gloom,” another song with that grit and the sadness that might well make the listener raise their glass in toast. “Bones,” a song that pounds the shit out of the listener. “The Forever Lie,” works with intuition and grit.

The album is out on 13th December via Suicidal Bride Records.

Diabol Boruta

Diabol Boruta- Czary Review

“Czary Intro” is classic  folk takes, with the right elements to make everything all the more succinct and interesting. “Czary” is jagged and brutal, bringing with it some fascinating twists and turns, the vocals are fierce and on point. “Zaklecie,” is right to the point, brutal and jagged, with an added edge of heaviness and grit. “Studnia,” is slower, more of a groove than a slant. “Golem,” is slower and reflective, with a high energy deliverance. “Krolestwo,” moves with energy and regard, bringing about some interesting melodical shifts and changes.

“Znadjz,” is fierce and upright, bringing energy and grace to the fore. “Niewolnik,” moves slowly, on the tide, never quite settling and also never quite breaking speed. “Duch Wiatru,” is jagged and forceful, not slowing down, nor moving without swiftness. “Lipka,” heaviness incarnate and delivering force and grift. “Slave,” has the right elements of heaviness and power to make an interesting divergence. “Kingdom Of No Heaven,” moves within reach and breaks through the divergences.

The album is out on January 25th.