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Flotsam and Jetsam-The End of Chaos


Thrash Metal titans Flotsam and Jetsam return with a new album. The End of Chaos. And by jove is it a cracking album.

“Prisoner of Time,” starts things off with rapid riffs and a pounding drum beat. The melodies keep things interesting and they drive the song throughout. A great opener. “Control,” is a barrel and a half of pounding thrash metal at its finest. “Recover,” a rocker with a solid thump and a push that leaves no one in any doubt that Flotsam and Jetsam mean business. “Prepare for Chaos,” continues the drive downward, and produces some seriously classic riffs and melodies. “Slowly Insane,” another riff monster that is sure to get people moving in the pit. “Architects of Hate,” is another song that slowly brings the groove together and ensures that the listener is hooked.

“Demolition Man,” continues the charge, relentless and demonic, it is a perfect demonstration of classic thrash metal. “Unwelcome Surprise,” pounds its way to the front and does not let go, ensuring that all and sundry are left rocked. “Snake Eye,” a grievous and powerful song with the thrashing sensibilities to go with it. “Survive,” continues this trend and ensures the listener is left hooked and demand more. “Good or Bad,” delivers a thunderous performance. “The End,” is fast and furious and finishes the album off in style.

The album is out now via AFM Records.

Herman Frank

Herman Frank-Fight The Fear


“Until The End,” is a riff monster. There are huge riffs floating around in all the right places, bringing with them some serious groove and merit. “Fear,” is a pounding rocker, with some seriously clinical melodies. “Terror,” slow groove and ominous with powerful arrangements. “Sinners,” a fast rocker, with Judas Priest vibes. Rocking. “Hatred,” another riff monster that delivers a solid thump to the senses. “Hail & Row,” a deliverance into darkness and heaviness galore. “Hitman,” a thundering song with all the right elements of greatness, down from the plains and up from chaos.

“Stay Down,” fast and furious with the driving riff to add to it. “Rock You,” has that added edge with power and might. “Don’t Cross The Line,” is thick with added bass and classiness.  “Are You Ready,” another rocker with the added drive and push. “Wings of Destiny,” continue down the pathway producing something quite intriguing and melodic. “Lost In Heaven,” a fitting finisher, dark, relentless and powerful.

The album is out now via AFM Records.

The Three Tremors

The Three Tremors- The Three Tremors Review

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Featuring heavy metal legend Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, The Three Tremors pack quite the punch on this self titled album.

“Invaders From The Sky,” is a soaring and searing opener, that brings about some seriously emphatic riffage and melodies. “Bullets For The Damned,” comes in hot and heavy, taking the lead and ensuring that the listener is hooked. It brings some subtle melodies in with it, and ensures the vocals take centre stage at the right moment. “When The Last Scream Fades,” is an interesting one. It brings about the slow decaying riff, and then soars into overdrive. “Wrath of Asgard,” is a thundering number, with power and ability. “The Cause,” searing rock and roll riffage, mixed with carnage and chaos. “King Of The Monsters,” a thundering introduction that leaves all knowing where they stand and how to get hyped.

“The Pit Shows No Mercy,” is clinical and defiant, bringing with it a sense of added urgency given the lyrical content. “Sonic Suicide,” is dark and dangerous, with a solid groove. “Fly Or Die,” is another number that takes a turn and a sharp roar. “Lust Of The Blade,” a song that veers this way and that, and never lets the listener settle down. “Speed To Burn,” a clinical and defiant song. “The Three Tremors,” takes things up a level.

The album is out now via Steel Cartel.



“The Fly,” has elements of Creed in it, with the darkened octave route. “Imploding,” has a chill in it, that keeps things very interesting. “The Sword,” takes things down one way and then another, keeping it all very interesting. “Envy,” a pounding rocker. “Taking Time,” thunders into being.

“Tsunami,” is another absolute rocker that shimmers and shams. “Ulisse,” is slow and thoughtful. “Pride,” a rocker with no equal. “The Seed,” a smashing number.

The album is out on 8th February via Volcano Records.

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Angeles-Time Of Truth

“Pain,” is a thumping rocker with some fascinating groove and bite. “Not Here To Play,” another interesting number that shifts the bounds and takes charge at the right moment. “Hollywood,” is a swaggering machine. “Trouble,” a rock and roll riff charger. “Goodbye,” slows things down and adds a touch of irony and sadness to proceedings. “We’re No Angels,” is another fast rocker.

“Are We Ready For Our Sins,” takes a commanding stranglehold over proceedings and ensures that the listener is hooked. “Lonely Road,” amps things up even more, with some powerful switching. “Band Plays On,” takes it to a whole new level. “Shiver Me TImbers,” a thundering rocker. “God, Country and King,” the perfect finisher.

The album is out now via Bongo Boy Records.

Iron Griffin

Iron Griffin-Curse Of The Sky

“Prelude,” is haunting, thoughtful and dark, combining the best of both worlds. “Reign of Thunder,” is a galloping masterpiece that shapes the world around it. Filled with boisterous melodies and a strong sense of power and timing. “Forgotten Steel,” is an interesting number, combining some thunderous riffs, with a peaceful acoustic section. “Lost Legion,” slows things down a tad, allowing the acoustic guitar to run through, proudly. It then gets heavier and darker.

“Curse of the Sky,” is an interesting number, both slow and ponderous, but also heavy and increasingly dark. “Dawn Of Struggle,” a galloping thunderous power house. “To The Path Of Glory,” is simply epic.

The album is out on 22nd March via Gates Of Hell Records.

Rock Goddess

Rock Goddess-This Time

Rock Goddess This Time approved.jpg

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends return with their new album.

“Are You Ready,” is a thumping and chest pounding rocker, with some absolutely killer hooks and licks, throwing in the battler mentality. “Obsession,” brings the groove, throwing down with the best of them, and ensuring that the listener is hooked once more. “Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right,” is another thumping number, dressed with energy and aggression, it takes the charge. “Calling To Space,” a rocker, plain and simple, leading the charge and shaping the world around them. “Flying To See You,” is another rip roaring number, that changes through the bounds of time and space.

“Why Do We Never Learn,” a thoughtful rocker, with a galloping melody and a direct charge into being. “This Time,” a snorting, rip roaring powerhouse, on the back of some seriously grooving melodies and riffs. “It’s My Turn,” another barnstormer, which is sure to get fans pumped when performed live. “Drive Me Away,” is reflective, with added thump.

The album is out on 1st March via Bite You To Death Records.

Rhapsody of Fire

Rhapsody of Fire-The Eighth Mountain


Rhapsody of Fire are an institution. They sit amongst some of the greatest bands to ever come out of the metal genre. And now they are back with their newest album, and the first in their new saga, The Eighth Mountain. It contains all the classic Rhapsody components, and as such is sure to be a hit with fans of the band.

“Abyss of Pain,” opens things up, with a slow build before moving into overdrive territory. “Seven Heroic Deeds,” comes barrelling out into the movement, with some absolute shred fest, beautifully executed. The vocals are absolutely on point as well. “Master of Peace,” comes with the furore and the energy. It drives itself forward on relentless energy and formative power, the vocals are surreal. “Rain of Fury,” is classic Rhapsody, brilliantly executed orchestral melodies combined with some soaring futuristic guitar leads. “White Wizard,” slows things down a tad, to make the listener contemplate, and pursue some educated thought. “Warrior Heart,” another classic Rhapsody song, the flute and the harpsichord come into full effect here to ensure balance and serenity.

“The Courage To Forgive,” is a rip roaring riff melody song. It contains all the right ingredients to make it a live favourite, it soars, it pounces and it roars with energy. “March Against The Tyrant,” is an interesting song, it contains some elements of classic Rhapsody but generally it takes a new path, with some jagged riffs and some fascinating billoting. “Clash Of Times,” is an anthemic number, with some absolutely brilliant melodies, the vocals are on point on this song. “The Legend Goes On,” is a thumping masterpiece, bounding with energy and electricity. “The Wind, The Rain and The Moon,” is a slower song, with some interesting vocal melodies. “Tales of A Hero’s Fate,” is a soaring epic song, with some absolutely blinding guitar play.

This legendary album is out on 22nd February via AFM Records.

Iron Savior

Iron Savior-Kill Or Get Killed


They are an institution, and their metal is usually used to define what it means to be a Power Metal band. Iron Savior are back with their new album Kill Or Get Killed. And they are in firing form.

“Kill or Get Killed,” the title track is a rip roaring journey through the plains, delivering some of the most fantastic melodies and riffs that this reviewer has heard in a long time. It is pure dedication and snarling metal. “Roaring Thunder,” is a defiant call to arms. With a snarling riff thrown in there, with added tenacity and pounding grace, it ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Eternal Quest,” another riff sandwich which delivers on the counts again and again and leaves the listener hungry for more. “From Dust and Ruble,” a slower song, with a fantastic bass line, this song ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Sinner or Saint,” a song with a destructive riff, and some searing vocals, the perfect performance.

“Stand Up and Fight,” a snarling riff monster, that takes the time to growl and grow with pain and pleasure. “Heroes Ascending,” takes one step forward, two steps forward and shreds along the way. “Never Stop Believing,” is an anthem, right down from the guitar licks to the vocals. “Until We Meet Again,” another interesting slow shredder. “Legends of Glory,” grows and snarls with pounding might.

The album is out on 8th March via AFM Records.


Delain-Hunter’s Moon Review


A leading light in symphonic metal returns, with their new album Hunter’s Moon. It is a combination of a live album, live blu ray alongside four new tracks which showcase some of the material fans can expect on the forthcoming studio album.

“Masters of Destiny,” comes in with a barrel, a fully throated harmony and some interesting melodies and guitar rhythms, laying the ground for the rest of the album. “Hunter’s Moon,” soars and weaves a tale around the ground, taking with one hand and giving with the other. “The Silence Is Mine,” is a piano whirlwind, moving this way and that, arpeggios come in strong supply here, and they dance with the thunderous riffs of the guitar. “Art Kills.” a pounding symphonic masterpiece, locked in with pleasure and suaveness. “Hands of Gold,” a rip roaring shredding masterpiece, with the live element coming right in. “Danse Macabre,” takes the road less travelled and adds in some seriously killer melodies. “Scarlet,” dances on the waves, whilst the audience is left captivated.

“Your Body Is A Battleground,” carries an edge and adds some seriously gnarly riffs into the fore, to make this one hell of a performance. “Nothing Left,” a dancing around with the prancing melodies and chaotic rhythms to ensure that the audience is left completely hooked. “Control The Storm,” is a bounding masterpiece, taking charge and leaving the audience desperate for more. “Sing To Me,” is a gallivanting, masterpiece, something that really takes the horns. “Not Enough,” bounds with frenetic energy but also keeps things simple with some lovely little hooks and swings. “Scandal,” a pounding thumping little shredding number, that keeps the chaos going, a fitting tribute to the legends that are Queen. “The Gathering,” finishes things off, with some masterfully executed harmonies, and a departure from the norm.

The album is out on 22nd February via Napalm Records.