Soliloquium -Contemplations Review

Swedish Doom Metal band Soliloquium are back with their new album Contemplations and boy is it an interesting journey.

Starting with the dark and brooding Chains, it is quite clear that the band are shaping their sound, the riffs jangle, and shake as the song progresses, the vocals are harsh and sharp, and filled with a dark energy that makes the band stand out from others. Catharsis is heavy from the get go, with big pounding riffs, and a sharp contrast between that and the lead melodies which appear to be softer and more subtle. Streetlights is an interesting mathematical song, that progresses through rhythms and time changes, whilst building a sense of something heavy and dangerous coming from the other side. Unfulfilling Prophecy begins with an alarm clock before kicking into gear, the dark, droning guitars fit well with the growled vocals of Stefan Nordstrom.

22 is a slower, more melancholic song that reflects different times and changes, the guitars jangle and the vocals are slightly more melodic and sad, think early/middle Bathory. For The Accursed follows a similar pattern and that makes it even more sinister, there’s a real feeling of something dark in the melody and the shape of the song. In Affect is dark and collective, the guitars bring the song to life with their jangling rhythms and their precise riffs. Wanderlust is a dance, think Dream On but on steroids, a fitting closer.

The album will be released on 1st June via Transcending Records.



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