Wretch-Reborn Review

Mental Wars starts things off, with big fast paced riffs, the drums kick in slightly later, with the same sort of intensity, and when things really get interesting is when the vocals come, snarling and dominating proceedings. Cry For The Young is epic, big drums, and big guitars, and a searing vocal line that gets crowds going wherever it is played. Life is fast, furious and taunting. Reborn is another fast mover, a song to get the crowds headbanging away. Eyes of Fate is suitably epic, big sweltering guitars and dancing vocal lines. The Winners is slower, more reflective and epic, the guitars leading things.

Skin to Skin is Wretch’s Indians, with pounding drums and guitar melodies and a searing vocal line. I am Storm is fast and furious, pounding its way to an interesting conclusion. Nothing is dark, furious and melodic. Touch Like Thunder is a rocker, big pounding guitars and an interesting little vocal line making things very very interesting. Til Death Do Us Part is heavy, menacing and slightly terrifying. The Conflict is heaviness incarnate.

The album is out on July 27th.