The Castor Troys

The Castor Troys-Legends Never Die Review


“Blackout Love,” a grooving opener delivered with a sledge hammer. Driving the day and producing some absolutely brilliant rocking riffs. The vocals are filled with swagger and bite. “We Are One,” delivers a solid thump. An anthem with a punch, brilliant. “Watch The City Burn,” another song that has swagger and bite. Delivering with punch and groove.

“Legends Never Die,” a song that is filled with energy from the get. It snarls, smashes and bites. “Wreck Of The Bastard,” a song that shimmers and shakes, building up and tearing down those who get in its way. “Running Down A Dream,” the final song on the EP, and one that is sure to produce some marvellous scenes when performed live.

Legends Never Die is out on 9th November.