SANHEDRIN – A Funeral For The World Review

SANHEDRIN, one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from the Brooklyn music scene, was created in 2014 when guitarist Jeremy Sosville (BLACK ANVIL) and drummer Nathan Honor, SANHEDRIN were eventually joined by former AMBER ASYLUM and LOST GOAT bassist/vocalist Erica Stoltz, whose vocal and lyrical exploits quickly became the perfect complement to the pair’s fledgling compositions.

They start with something groovy and classic, Riding On The Dawn amply shows off the talents of vocalist Erica Stoltz with the varying melodies and the different and changing tempo proving that the band might be going for a classic style, but it is one that is innately theirs. A Funeral For The World is heavy, Black Sabbath heavy with all that entails. The guitars of Jeremy Sosville and the drums of Nathan Honor truly compliment the vocal lines of Erica Stoltz, creating an eerie song that will go down in history. Demoness is a mix of fast riffs, and classic Judas Priest screaming that goes down a treat, a rocker. Collateral Damage is haunting, right from the very first organ notes, and carrying on through the rumbling bass, a classic in waiting.

Faith Healers is somewhat symbolic in terms of being similar to songs done by bands such as REM if they were heavy as anything, the guitar leads the song with its chordal melodies and the driving riffs of the verse. No Religion starts of slowly, with a clean intro, before moving into overdrive during the chorus and the bridge, a brilliantly composed song. Massive Deceiver has swagger and groove, trademarks of a band in full confidence. Die Trying is an epic closer of a song, moving from one tone to the next, fully capturing how brilliant the band is.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on 27th Apri, via Cruz Del Sur Music.