SAATE-Once Again Review


“Once Again,” is filled with heavy riffs, catchy melodies and very well spaced vocal hooks. The song weaves in and out, producing one hook after another. This is a song that is definitely going to capture the imagination when performed live.

The single is out now via Rockshot Records.


SAATE-Bene Elohim Review


It starts with big sweeping movements, then moves into growls and snarls with a thunderous riff. Bene Elohim is something else, magical and powerful, with an ethereal quality that really changes things up.


The single is out now via Rockshot Records.


SAATE-Sovereign Plea Review

saate - sovereign plea.jpg

Sovereign Plea contains a galloping riff, and a brutal drum rhythm, a bombastic vocal performance mixed in with some choral work, ensuring that the listener is kept hooked from the very first note.

The Conjuring is a mix of melodic bombast and orchestral thunder, bringing the vocals right into the spotlight, and ensuring that the guitars have plenty of meat to work off of.

The single is out now via Rockshots Records.