Hypnos-Set Fire To The Sky Review


“Get Out,” a rocker and a half. Solid grooving riffs, and sweltering and ballsy vocal melodies. The song is a definitive trip and a great one to start on. “Ain’t No Fool,” another absolute sweltering rocker. So much raw energy being conveyed in such a tight space is impressive, the vocal performance is another cracking show. “Set Fire To The Sky,” is a slow grooving rocker, so much melody and so much ballsy energy. “Deadline,” slithers like a snake charmer, moving from the wind and toward the darkness, ensuring that the listener cannot keep themselves from moving their head. “Time Is Running Out,” a great old western number that shimmers, building energy to the fore and ensuring the listener is hooked completely.

“Caught In The Night,” an old fashioned rocker. Slithering down the line of power and grace, and ensuring the listener is hooked once more. “Tell Me Goodbye,” a sarcastic little movement from the edge to the fore. Dancing around the edges and ensuring the listener is kept interested, the vocals are the top performer here. “Looking Out,” a fast and furious rocker, snarling and ripping down the ground. “Slutet,” a slow number, dancing on the edge, bringing power to glory, and ensuring that the listener knows just where to turn to in their hour of need.

Set Fire To The Sky is out on 28th September via The Sign Recordings.