Gozu Interview

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1.   What inspired the name and direction of the band?
Gaff- Doug came up with the name as he is a fan of that genre of movie. I am more of a western genre sum bitch, know what I mean. The direction of the band was really a melting pot of all the music we love and wanted to play. We enjoy heavy music but also are huge soul music fans, so we wanted music that could enjoy while lifting weights or going to your in laws. Some have even said as the musical backdrop when asking if a coat is 100% goose down?

2.   How do you approach song writing?
Gaff- Lyrically I sing about things I know or have went through. I try to be very honest in what I write, as I have to sing and feel them. This album was the most honest writing I have ever done. I honestly let the words flow out of me. Once the pencil hit the paper, it took care of itself.
Music, this time Doug and I met and hashed out each tune, I bring in music and so does he and we say I like that part, or that would go great here. Then we bring to Mike and Joe and they hash it out. It is a very democratic process and if we all do not love it, it doesn’t get recorded. You have to feel it, enjoy it, find yourself involved in the tunes. One would say you need to feel it in your plums and let the sunlight dance right off um, just nice. If you hate something you have to record or play for 3 weeks in a row, you are going to be a miserable bastard. So, we record what we feel and enjoy playing. Much like grilling a steak with best seasoning, once it’s done, mmmmmmm mmm, time to eat. Come and get it.

3.   What themes did you wish to explore on the new record?
Gaff- The theme on Equilibrium is one of loss and how do you deal with it without losing your mind or completely falling from an inner grace while doing it. It is one of reverence and the ability to look back at your life and understand how a powerful being can mold you into a man, a better person and a caring individual. I miss my dad every day and singing these songs can be a bit overwhelming at times to be honest. A part of me has to meditate while singing and be in an almost trance so I can enjoy the content and attempt to convey the meaning of the songs. I know the other 3 always bring it so I also really want to do justice by them.

4.   Are there any songs from the new album that you’re particularly performing on tour?
Gaff- Right now we are playing, The People vs Mr. T, Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat, Manimal and the Ballad of ODB. I am sure we will play a few more but for the release parties these are the 4 that will be rolled out for your auditory pleasure live. They all have a wonderful sense of a little shake and bake.


Gozu-Equilibrium Review

Gozu - Equilibrium.jpg

Starting with the epic riffage of Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, you can tell that things are going to be interesting, as this album by Gozu kicks off. The guitars, the drums create the image of a story being told, an image reinforced by the vocals, which pain a nice little image. The People vs Mr T starts with lead guitar spiralling, whilst the rhythm guitar pains the picture, when the vocals kick in story time starts once more, bringing something new to the fold. King Cobra is a driving song, with big riffs, and drums, a song that would get people moving when played live, elements of Layne Staley are present throughout the song. Manimal is heavy, sludge like and downright awesome. The guitars are thick, the drums are pounding and all in all things are moving like a machine.

They Probably Know Karate is driving, grooving and something of a ballsy song, the riff carries the song and builds it up as the story time begins anew. Prison Elbows is fast, furious and enchanting, a classic made for the stage. Stacy Keach has the great riff train written down to a tee, building things up and ensuring that everyone knows where they stand, with the vocals delivering a knockout.  Ballad of ODB is a long song, the longest on the album, it transitions from peaceful quietness to outright sludge heaviness, with the echoing and haunting vocals to finish things off.

Be sure to purchase this album when it is released on 13th April, 2018 via Metal Blade Records.