Candlemass-House of Doom Review


Candlemass are legends, there is no band better placed to deliver the whollop classic doom metal than this Swedish band, and with their EP House of Doom, they are back with a true blitz.

Starting with the slow hum of House of Doom, the bells toll, the guitars kick in with a quick paced riff that immediately gets the head moving, the guitars sing, and the vocals, well the vocals soar, and the band is off to the races. Flowers of Deception is filled with big riffs and bigger drums, the vocals are on point with the lyrics driving a sharp harsh point, the song is anthemic and is sure to go down well when  played live.

Fortuneteller starts with an acoustic melody, that builds up anticipation in the ear of the listener, Matt Levin brings his A game with this little melody that interweaves with various bits and bobs from the guitars. Dolls on A Wall is slow, pounding and heavy, classic Candlemass, and truly a great way to finish the record.

The album is out on 25th May, via Napalm Records be sure to get it!