Run Chicken Run

Run Chicken Run- Don’t Forget The Wine Review

“Rust From Space,” an absolute belter of a song, with the riffs driving things through. “Your Girl,” a rocker with a cracking riff and some fascinating melodies. “Louder On You,” a classic made for modern times, the riffs are perfect and the drums just hammer the shit out of you. “Sun,” bluesy and divergent. “My Heart Is A Stone,” a rocker moving and shifting around whilst pacing the shit out of the listener.

“Black Shadow,” filled with swagger and bite. A true rocker and one that is sure to get people grooving when performed live. “Good Brewer,” bluesy and ballsy all in one go, truly a marvel. “Boredom Killers,” a song that ventures one way and then the next, before taking a rocker on the way. “Real Man,” fast and furious. “Blackout Out,” fitting closer.

The album is out now via Volcano Records.


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