Athrox-Through The Mirror Review

“Waters Of Acheron,” kicks things off. It is a monster from the get go, filled with a soaring, crowd based chant. Moving steadily into a soaring and opening melodical part. “Ashes of Warsaw,” begins with morse code, and then moves into a thundering monster, keeping the epicness on full throttle. “Empty Soul,” slows things down, without losing the epicness of it all, ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. “Through The Mirror,” sees the bass and the guitars duel one another for supremacy. “Imagine The Day,” slow and reflective.

“Decide Or Die,” full on and brutal. The riffs are monstrous and the image that this creates is something else entirely. “Sadness n’ Tears,” is epic in the Iron Maiden sense. The guitars shift and weave a tale themselves, whilst the other instruments play around with the melody. The vocals are perfectly pitched for the song. “Fragments,” another song that weaves within the melody and without it. Ensuring a fully captivated audience. “Dreams of Freedom,” leads with a soft acoustic melody before slowly building into something else entirely, dark and ominous. “Fallen Apart,” a monster and a rip roarer to close things out.

The album is out on November 9th via Revalve Records.


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