Heavy Generation-The Spirit Lives On Review

“Born to Rock,” comes pounding in, delivering high voltage rock and roll on the back of a solid riff. The vocals are perfection incarnate. “Fire Steel Metal,” is another song that is big on the overdrive. It produces a fine performance between the guitars and vocals. The melodies are biting and shifting. “No Control,” another song that produces fireworks. Ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go, it delivers on a solid promise of rock and roll metal. “Blood and Sand,” is a groover. Backed by a solid riff, and mixed together with some interesting melodies, a sure fire start to get people interested when performed live. “Heavy Generation,” a whirlwind that shifts and turns with the elements. It produces one grand melody and hook after another. “Path of Denial,” shifting and turning, with the whirlwind of emotions and heaviness thrown in is an interesting twist and turn.

“My Spirit Lives On,” grooves shakes and shimmers with energy, producing something that is quite infectious, but also somewhere between a melody and a bite. “Odin,” is a cry to the gods on high, a melody and a chant, a song that is sure to produce fists in the air when performed live. “Warriors,” a swarey into the mind of the metal genius. It melds together two very key aspects of metal, a dancing and dangerous melody crossed with some brutal fret work. “March Until The Grave,” a slower number that produces some interesting work on the fret board, whilst also dancing around and ensuring that the listener is kept intrigued. “No More Mercy,” shimmers around, galloping with increasing freneticism as it progresses.

The album is out now via Sliptrick Records.

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