Thorium-Thorium Review

“March Of The Eastern Tribe,” the opening song on Thorium is a pure example of harmonies and build up being put to good use. “Ostrogoth,” is an absolute rocker, driving the day, built off the back of a solid riff. The vocal melodies dance around and shine through, bringing something akin to punchy metal off the bat. “Court of Blood,” is a anthem, straight off the bat, it is most definitely a live song. “Godspeed,” rocks out off the back of harmonised leads and a searing vocal performance. “Icons Fall,” is a tale of woe and sorrow, set to the ministry of metal works. A minor melodic lead coupled with some interesting twists and turns.

“Powder and Arms,” a song that dances around the scene. Built off the back of two series riffs and ensuring that the listener is hooked on melody from the get go. “All Manner of Light,”  a song that is slower in tempo but more aggressive and dark within its outlook and composition is a nice contradiction. “Return To The Clouds,” another song that plays on various elements, ensuring that the listener is kept hooked from the get go. “Four By Number, Four By Fate,” begins with the acoustic guitar dancing on the surface, ensuring the listener is intrigued. It progresses into something else. A soaring masterpiece filled with harmonies and little divergences ensuring that the listener is hooked completely.

The album is out on Empire Records on 5th October.


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