Wardance-Heaven Is For Sale Review


Heaven Is For Sale begins with a thrashing riff, worthy of Metallica and other greats, the vocals come in powerful and strong, ensuring the listener is instantly hooked. The chorus is infectious. Believe has another powerful driving riff, leading the charge in harmonies and melody. Destroyer starts of slowly, before moving into overdrive bringing things to fruition with a powerful one two. Neverending Nightmare powers into being, snarling on the back of a heavy drumbeat, with the guitars flashing in and out. I Don’t Love You Anymore starts off with the standard acoustic introduction before moving into overdrive with the guitars thundering out their defiance. Overture moves between melodies and power. Don’t Play With Fire dances around, snarling at turns whilst flirting with melody and pop. Death Caress brings the heaviness back, ensuring the listener is obliged to keep moving. Paris In Fear is fast and brutal, snarling around and throwing the horns at anything and everything.

House Of The Rising Sun is an interesting take on a classic number, bringing power, and oomf to an old style song. Friday the 13th brings doom metal into the fore with a thumping bass melody, before moving into heavy territory. Blues is fast, powered and classic. Chonda’s Dream is a mix of power and grit. Killing Snow is flittering and fluttering with energy and power. Megalomaniacs dances around, snorting and snarling with grace and power. Wild Beauties is another one that grooves and snarls. Die powers through with the bass snaking it out.

The album is out on 17th September via Dying Victims Productions.


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