Lords Of The Trident-Shadows Of The Past Review


Death Dealer begins with the guitars pounding out a nice little heavy ditty, they move into a groove, the pace quickening as things begin to get ready, the vocals come in with some King Diamond esque screams, the melodies come in next. A story unfolds over the duration of the song, as the vocals paint a picture. A brilliant start. Zero Hour is another rocker, bringing the epicness of heavy metal right to the fore, pounding out a groove and rhythm and taking no prisoners. Tormentor comes in with the phase, and a bass rhythm, before going into jagged riffs, pounding grooves and some seriously meaty vocals. Burn It Down is fast, a real rocker, with guest vocals from Brittany Slayes adding that extra punch to the album. Figaro is a melodic change, a key change from other songs, a nice little adventure.  The Party Has Arrived is a nice breather, with orchestral flare.

Brothers of Cain is a rocker, grooving and snarling, filled with beastly riffs, and daring melodies that glide and glare along the path, this is a song that is sure to get people going when performed live. Reaper’s Hourglass continues the theme, epic vocal lines, and powerful guitars carry the day. Chasing Shadows starts off slowly, clean guitar lines filling the space between chaos and peace, before the overdrive kicks in and chaos is embraced. The Nameless Tomb embraces dual guitar melodies, and ensures that the listener is kept on tenderhooks. The Gatekeeper is another slower song, built around a melody or two that really hits home as the song reaches its finale.

The album is out 24th August via Junko Johnson.

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