Tymo-Purge and Reset Review

Tymo - Purge and Reset Album Cover.jpg

All Looks Alive comes in with a clean jangling intro, sending the shivers down the listener’s spine as the heaviness begins to kick in, the listener gets the feeling that something heavy is about to kick off. The furious riffage that comes after proves them right. Brilliantly executed. Killer Krom is brutal from the off, fast, furious and filled with nice juicy riffage. Purge and Reset slithers, shakes and moves, bringing some added edge and brutality. Flames To Frost grooves, snarls and bites, with some serious chops displayed.

Evolved From You is pounding and brutal, an exercise in the art of thrashing metal music. Brilliantly executed. Intent Comes To Shove moves, shakes, slithers and roars through itself. We The Pawns is heavy, grooving and snarling. Above This Storm moves, grooves and shakes.

The album is out now.

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