Ascendant-A Thousand Echoes Review

Inspired by the experiences of the members of the band and based on true stories – this album has a foundation built on genuine emotion. 3 of the 5 members of Ascendant grew up in Syria, which is now undergoing a bloody civil war. Each one of them has experienced loss and tragedy; they have seen firsthand the horrible effects of war on innocent people. With music being their method of expression, and with the events in their home country on their minds, multiple songs on this album deal with the unseen human victims of wars.

Starting with a brief mechanic intro, A Thousand Echoes is the crux of something interesting and brilliant. Twilight Eden moves into Doomsday Machine a song that is compelling and informative, with the guitars covering the basic skeleton of the track and ensuring that things remain alive and well. Walls Between Us is a fast rocker that allows the vocals of Youmni Abou Al Zahab to really shine through and highlight the plight of some within the world. Fog of War is chilling, the vocals and the guitars really shine through on this record, bringing something interesting, unique and brilliant to the table.

Morning Light is crushing, brutal and all kinds of heavy. The tone of the guitars really resonates well with those trying to bring something fresh to the genre. The lyrics capture tension and hope in an intoxicating blend of everything that is happening in the world today. Land of a Thousand Echoes is a long journey through life, and the events that shape us. Vocalist Youmni is someone who brings his heart and soul to the table and ensures that everyone knows just what he’s feeling. False Illusion is a driving song, where the guitars are allowed to shine through, the vocal lines serve as a call to arms. Tears of His Majesty starts off soft, before venturing into epic territory. At The End of the World is a lesson in heaviness and duality. The perfect closer to the record.

Be sure to get this masterpiece when it is released on April 20th via Puresteel Records.


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