Cult Of The Fox

Cult Of The Fox-By The Styx Review

The three-headed Cerberus is on the front cover of Cult Of The Fox’s album, the band who were formed in 2007, have had an interesting and varied career since then, with highs and lows. By The Styx is their third album and it already promises to be an interesting one.

Siege From The Sky starts things off. It is fast paced, bringing shredding guitars and soaring vocals to the table, a great start to the record. It is followed by the title track By The Styx which follows a similar pattern as Siege, with chanting vocal choruses, and big swelling guitars, creating a meat packing noise factory. Killing The Black Dog is a fast and furious song that enables vocalist Magnus Holtman to show off his vocal chops, venturing from one range to another. Riddle of Steel is an adventure through different times and places, and a song that would fit right in with a Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Blackfriar’s Bridge is an epic song, bringing hooks, melodies and an interesting story to tell as well. Nightmaster is another song that would work well live, with its hooks and riffs.

Bones Alley contains a hint of Sabbath with its driven chords, but also that of Iron Maiden with the progression that the chords and the lyrics take, a truly varied song which is refreshing. A Warrior Reborn is classic metal, a tale of invention and then rediscovery as life continues. Return To The Burning is a fascinating tale and brings to the fore the vocals of Holtman once more. The Damnation of Albert Caneham is an epic story that carries many changes in tempo, pace, and vocal positioning, a fantastic song. Shuttin’ Em Down is fast and a rocker a brilliant way to finish a record.

Cult Of The Fox have got a great album on their hands here, and this is one that all serious metalheads should purchase and listen to. Be sure to get the album when it comes out on April 20th.



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