Salem: Paul MacNamara Interview

Salem 2014.jpg

I had the pleasure of speaking to Paul from Salem, the British Metal Legends, about their upcoming album and what’s been happening since the last time we spoke.

1. What’s been happening since the last time we spoke?

“We’ve finished our album, there’s eleven songs on the record. Different members of the band have contributed to the music and the lyrics. We’ve changed record company, signing with Dissonance, as our previous record label Pure Steel felt a bit far, being as they were based in Germany. We met with the guys at Dissonance and we immediately felt a connection. We’ve also been playing gigs. Hard Rock Hell, gigs in Belgium, France. We’ve got some great variation on the songs on the album as well. Some have quite heavy riffs, others are quite light. Contrasts in songs such as I’m The One which is in a major key. We’ve got all kinds of goods on the record.”


2. What are your plans for this album?

“We’re going to be touring quite heavily behind it and we’re also promoting it throughout the year and maybe into next year as well.”


3. Was the process of making this album different to the other albums?

“We’ve always done things a certain way. We’ve all always contributed to the record, one way or another. We’ve got a lot of mixture on this record, which is something I’m really proud of. And of course you always write songs you want to hear so there’s a lot of that on this record. Attrition, Black and White, Lest We Forget, are all songs I’d recommend you check out. They’re all quite personal, whilst also being to the point with layers.”



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