St Elmo's Fire

Saint Elmo’s Fire-Evil Never Sleeps Review

Back after 25 years, this American heavy metal band show why they are filled with energy and vigour on their new album Evil Never Sleeps. There are some serious tunes on this album, and the production quality is perfect, allowing for a crisp and clean listening experience.

Songs such as We Will Not Die, Rise and Betrayer show off the vocal and guitar chops of the band. Whilst also providing a glimpse into a time when metal dominated the airwaves and made everything heavy and awesome. Lord of Thunder contains sinister riffs and melodies, whilst the title track is all that is good about heavy metal.

The rampage continues throughout the rest of the album producing high quality songs one after the other, through Across the Nations Soultaker and Asleep In The Never, St Elmo do not let up. This shows that an old dog can continue to produce fire, and outplay even younger guns.

A fine comeback album and one that any bonafide metal fan should purchase. Make sure to get the album on its release on March 30th.


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