Evolucia-Hunt Review

The album cover of Hunt symbolises a lot. The evolution of man and the thunderbolt from the heavens above makes one think of something far from normal. A telling sign of these strange and trying times. The music naturally reflects this.

Hunt, A Rose Without No Name and Velvet Cage provide haunting melodic metal, that immediately hooks the listener and makes them truly pay attention. There are subtle twists and turns throughout these three songs that promise so much. A promise that is delivered by Poet, Reflections on a Blade and Portrait, such that as Portrait ends, the listener is eagerly anticipating more.

More is delivered just as promised with stand out tracks such as How I Wish, Lonely, Remorse and the closer Metamorphosis. All of which enable the beautiful vocals of Ilana to stand out amidst the thunderous guitars and solid rhythm section.

Hunt is a great album, a brilliant mix of musical styles, which truly enables the power of the music to carry through. If you are a fan of melodic metal, make sure to check this album out upon its release on March, 30th.


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