Monolord Interview

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  1. What inspired the name of the band, and what are your influences?

The name comes from a guy we know (Christer from Mammoth Storm). He got his hearing damaged on one ear, therefore he can only hear in Mono. AND he is freaking huge so that is why he is the Monolord.


  1. What was the process behind recording Rust?

The process was more or less the same as the other albums. I write most of the stuff in my home studio and record it. After that we meet up at the rehearsal space and try it out and arrange it. When we have enough good songs we decide to record it. We do everything ourselves. Recording, mixing and mastering.

Some of the songs like Forgotten Lands and At Niceae are written at the time from where we wrote Vænir but didn’t fit there.


  1. What is the song Dear Lucifer about?

It is about saying good bye to a dear friend. It is still fun to provoke people with an inverted cross or an image of a burning church but if you acknowledge one god, you acknowledge the opposing side of that god too. And that we do not. There are no gods.


  1. What plans do you have for the future?

More touring. Some headline tours and hopefully some direct support tours for bigger bands. If we get material for a new record we will work on that too. The future is now. No rest for us.




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