DEVASTATIÖN- Drink With The Devil review

DEVASTATIÖN hail from Belgium, and having initially started out under the name Black Fuel in 2004, their music was always pushing the limits of speed, aggression and melody. With two albums under their belt, the band continue to grow and explore new territory. Drink With The Devil is their first recorded delivery since their second album, released in 2015.

The title track starts with a fast riff, that shakes the listener’s speakers upon first listen. Moving into tremolo picking common in black metal, the vocals contain a harshness that fits quite well with the style of music, the blast beats adding into a sense of urgency within the music. Raped by God is next, starting with an all-out assault on the senses. Thrash metal at its finest, bringing echoes of Kreator and perhaps Sodom to the mix as well. The first two songs on the E.P. are definitely songs that should be added to the setlist. Defilement, is fast and heavy, which is really all that needs to be said. It carries the flow of the previous two songs very well.

Society Will Die contains quick riffs and the breakneck thrash that one has come to expect from DEVASTATIÖN. Reborn Through Fire continues the neck breaking intensity of the rest of the E.P. a solid closer and one that is sure to bring many fans crawling back into mosh pit when played live.

Drink With The Devil is a taste of what DEVASTATIÖN can do, and it will be interesting to see how they develop from here. 8/10.

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