Sorcerer- The Crowning Of The Fire King Review

Sorcerer hail from Sweden, the land of history upon history. Doom legends, the band’s new album The Crowning Of The Fire King, instantly catches the attention of the music lover, through its rather dark and bleak front cover, displaying a man, or beast sat atop a throne of weapons. Metal, it seems can still bring the heat when it comes to album covers.

The songs start with the first single, Sirens, which starts with a thumping, swaggering riff. The vocals create a haunting melody, as the sirens of the sea come for you, a brilliant opener and one that is sure to draw traction when played live. Ship of Doom starts slowly, with a chromatic acoustic opening, before moving into slow, doom-laden riffs, and anthemic vocals, a belter of a song and one that once more is bound to bring fans headbanging. Abandoned By The Gods is a monster of a song, clean minor toned intros give way to a driving phyrigian inspired riff, bringing the orient and the east to the listener, whilst the vocals deliver a punch. The Devil’s Incubus has big hooks and melodies throughout and is a real mover of a song.

Nattvaka is an instrumental number that serves as a pause before the continuing in the storm. Slow and thoughtful, breathing space whilst not taking away from anything of the monsters to come. Crimson Cross, heavy, headbang-worthy and an ode to years gone by, a true metal anthem. The title track, The Crowning Of The Fire King is a goliath of a song, filled with epic vocal lines, epic riffs, monstrous content and it is simply for me the best song on the album, and considering the entire album is packed with great songs, that’s saying something! With roaring solos, and haunting melodies throughout, Unbearable Sorrow is a brilliant way to close the album.

With The Crowning Of The Fire King, Sorcerer have achieved ultimate metal, their songs are filled with memorable guitar riffs, vocal lines and drum patterns. The songs will stand the test of time and will definitely enter the metal pantheon as classics. 10/10.



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