Soldier-Defiant Review

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Formed during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Soldier are a band that should have hit the big time, with their big vocal lines, crunching guitar riffs and downright epic songs. But for whatever reason fortune did not shine on them then. However, things have changed, and they are back with a bang. Their new album is aptly titled Defiant and is filled with songs of energy, and enthusiasm that turn back the years.

Opening up with the historical Conquistador, album gets off to a solid note. Big guitar riffs and moving drum rhythms provide an ample inclination of what is to come. Anthemic choruses and middle sections provide an apt history lesson for the Spanish conquest of what is now Latin America. Leaving, the next song on the record contains driving rhythms and riffs, and presents a moving story lyrically that really allows vocalist Richard Frost to shine. Kill Or Cure is next, an absolute rocker with big power chordal arrangements making this a song that is sure to get heads moving. Concrete Wilderness is next, starting with a clean intro, it moves into big riffs, and a warning of things to come, best espoused by Richard Frost’s serious vocal lines.

Fight or Fall continues the rocking feel of the album, with a fast-harmonised guitar intro, before moving into a slow moving section and then changing into the quickening once more. All the while the question being asked is who will help? Dead Man’s Curve is a fast bluesy rocker that has live action written all over it.  Bullet Belt Blues starts with a phaser intro, before moving into slow driving riff and anthemic lyrics that really give off the feeling of metal community.

Six Hundred kicks things off with a solid driving intro, before moving into anthemic style riffs and verses and chorus, a song that is sure to get people going during a live show. A Light To See The Darkness begins with a clean introduction with marching drum rolls, it moves into a heavy assault on the senses, with soaring vocal lines and shredding guitar work. The final track on the record is Don’t Come Crying To Me (Defiant) with big riffs, anthemic choruses, the song is a ripper, and one that is sure to generate hype when performed live.

With Defiant, Soldier have hit on a solid mix of bluesy tunes and hard rock and metal sensibilities. It is an album that will make fans of the band smile, and new listeners move their head with joy. A solid ten.


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