Holocaust: Predator Review

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Holocaust are a band with a colourful history, founded in Edinburgh in 1979, they were one of the forefathers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, and one of its most prominent bands. Having inspired an entire new movement of thrash, speed and black metal, with their discography, they return to the airwaves with their first album since 2003’s Primal. Predator, a heavier album title there is not. Join me as we begin the journey through heavy metal paradise.

The opening track on Predator, is the title track. With its heavy and killer riffage and driving drums and precise and biting vocals, Predator is the best choice for an opening track that the band could have made. Clearly highlighting the mission statement of the album in pure heaviness. The second track on the album is one that got the ball rolling for the album, Expander. With its head bopping riff, pounding drums and pushing lyrics, the song should definitely feature in live sets for years to come. Can’t Go Wrong With You, is the next track, and once more there is a solid riff, that makes the listener sit up and pay attention-as if that wasn’t happening already- with some fascinating lyrics that draw up the image of a woman who’s torn between staying and going, it makes for a fascinating atmosphere.

Lady Babalon has a real Black Sabbath feel to it, with the sludgy riffs and the growling mournful vocals, and of course the fast middle section that makes one think of the mosh pits that could be had. Observer One is a slow and thoughtful instrumental, that slowly increases with some flavoured wah thrown in for good measure. It builds nicely into the next song on the record. Shiva, a thudding heavy galloping riff and growling vocals from John Mortimer that paint a vivid picture of the questions being asked and demanding answer. Another solid song that will undoubtedly become a live favourite. If it is not already.

The final third of the album brings some solid tracks with it. Shine Out, has an upbeat rhythm and tone to it, with its chugging riffs, that makes the listener really get into the groove of things with constant head bopping and foot tapping. Revival is a biting and heavy riff based song, which is sure to become an anthem for the metal masses, another song that should make the live setlist. The final track of the album is What I Live For a driving and crunchy song that is a cracking closer to an amazing album.

Predator is a stellar effort by a band that shows no signs of slowing down. The nine tracks on the album are some of the best metal songs that have been released in years, all of them should make it into live setlists and should become fan favourites relatively easily.  A definitive ten out of ten. If you’re into metal, or hard rock, or are curious about the band, buy this record, you will not regret it!


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