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Grim Reaper: Walking In The Shadows Review

Image result for grim reaperWalking in the shadows

Grim Reaper were founded in 1979, after a battle of the bands competition brought the founding members together. They were part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement, and were one of the leaders of the movement. Their tracks ‘See You In Hell’ and ‘Rock To Hell’ inspired countless bands to form. Their latest offering is Walking In The Shadows. Join me as we dig into this new offering, and explore what diamonds have been cut.

Wings of Angels is the opening track on the album, a song about the pilots of World War Two, it brings solid riffage and a driving beat to the fore, as the lyrics evoke the feeling of what the pilots must have felt and gone through as they flew on the air, the choruses are solid and memorable, definitely a live favourite. Walking In The Shadows, the title track is next. A song about walking through a graveyard at night, the song is heavy, eerie and driving, the choruses of ‘Take my hand’ and lead singer Steve Grimmett’s vocals really lend themselves well to the song.  Reach Out, is pure solid riffage, it seems like a plea for help, delivered with a kick and a punch. I’m Coming For You is next on the record, a dirty riff opens things up followed by a promise by Steve Grimmett as the protagonist to enact some sort of promise to the person of interest. It is quite a haunting song, for the riffage it produces.

‘From Hell’ is a fitting continuance from I’m Coming For You, laughter starts the song, as beating drums and a harmonised guitar intro kicks things off. Solid riffs make the prospect of hell enticing and something that would definitely make the song a live favourite, amongst fans and even casual listeners. Call Me In the Morning is a fast riff based song, that once again evokes the feeling of a live setting, and should definitely be played loudly. Rock Will Never Die is an apt title for this anthem. A statement of purpose and intent, showing why rock will indeed never die, should definitely be in the setlist. Temptation is a fast song, about all the things that could well tempt a man in the world, another song that should be included in the setlist.

Thunder starts the final third of the album. Slow and soaring, it is epic and mournful at the same time. Steve Grimmett’s voice really shines through on this track, sending shivers down the listener’s arms, this one will definitely be a fan favourite. Now You See Me is next, a solid rocker with harmonised guitars at the beginning, the chorus brings an old rhyme to the fore, and makes it sound heavy as anything. Blue Murder is another riff charger, an epic one at that, another live favourite. The final song on the album is Come Hell Or High Water, a fitting closer, fast and epic, a great way to close a brilliant album.

Walking In The Shadows does the Grim Reaper legacy proud, it is a true metal album filled with riffs and epic vocals. It is a fresh album in a time of badly produced pop and nonsense hip hop. I would give this album a 10/10 and would highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you’re not a fan of metal, you will be after listening to this album!


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