Himachal Cider

Himachal Cider

Himachal Cider is a unique cider in that it is made in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, but is sold in the UK, for the UK palette. Founded a husband and wife, who are based in northern England,  the company has grown quite popular across the UK, for its distinctive taste, as well as for how well it goes with just about any type of food that can be served with a drink.

Himachal Cider’s founders are a husband and wife team, who were present at the Birmingham Foodie Festival held on 25th June, in Cannon Hill Park, in Birmingham.  When interviewed, Catherine one of the co-founders had this to say. “We love India, and we like Cider, and well we were somewhat tired of seeing bland drinks served with Indian food that were claiming to be something they evidently weren’t. So, we wanted to make a drink that would be authentic and that would go well with the type of food served in the UK, so we got in contact with one of my husband’s colleagues, who is also a partner in the business, and we found a place in Himachal that could do the brewing and we started making the cider. As the brewery is based in Himachal, we thought it only fair to name the cider Himachal Cider. It’s been received really well by restaurants and by various customers who’ve ordered it from our website as well, so we’re very pleased.”

Himachal Cider was definitely the find of the Foodie Festival, and with its definitive branding and taste, it is sure to become a favourite of the country in no time at all. That it goes well with different types of food is just another guarantee of success. To find out more about the cider, please visit their website at: www.himachalcider.co.uk


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