BrewDog Offer Voting Incentive!


Today, Britain goes to the polls, to choose a new government. The parties have been campaigning since April, and they have offered a variety of different options on a whole host of issues. There has been the usual rhetoric, slogans thrown about, ‘strong and stable’ performances as well as ‘weak and wobbly’ performances. After nearly two months of campaigning it all comes to an end today, and with the increased number of people who have registered to vote, turnout is expected to be high.

However, to ensure that nobody skips out on doing their democratic duty, Scottish Beer company BrewDog have offered voters a free pint if they vote. It’s a simple process really, if a voter takes a picture of themselves outside their polling station and then enters one of BrewDog’s many bars across the country and shows staff their picture, then they will get a free pint.

During the day, Phoenix Newspaper decided to take up this offer, and at the bar located opposite Turtle Bay in the city centre, found a packed pub. When a barman was asked about the offer he had this to say. “Yeah, we did something similar with the referendum, and not many people turned up. But since there’s been more people registering to vote this time around, and turning up, I think we’ll have a lot more customers. It’s a good thing you know, people are getting out there and having their voice heard.”

A group of young workers, just finished work arrived at the bar around five thirty, and when interviewed had this to say. “Yeah, we’d normally come here anyway, but the free pint really enticed us down. It’s a great initiative.” Many of them were hoping for a Labour victory, with one member hoping for a hung Parliament!

Certainly, there was no lack of excitement over the election or the offer. A smart initiative by BrewDog and one that is sure to bring more excitement and fun to an already intriguing election season.


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