What Makes A Good Blog Post?

Hi all,

My apologies for the gap in my posting,  I don’t really have a valid excuse as to why there has been such a long gap. Well, I suppose I do. I wasn’t quite sure what to make my next blog post about. So much has happened in the days since my last post. We’ve had the women’s march, the backlash against that, Trump’s administration issuing executive orders left, right and centre, Theresa May confirming the type of Brexit she wants, and so much more.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I wanted my next blog post to be about, so I didn’t look at this site. Now, here I am.

A conversation with a family member has made me question just what this blog should be for. Should it be a place for me to discuss my views on politics, history, and all sorts of other things that might not interest some people. Or should it be about the more mundane-to me anyway- things of life? By mundane, I mean my usually two days a week fight to learn how to drive, my search for a job, my watching YouTube videos?

Or indeed, should it be a little of both, politics, history, and the more mundane and normal?

I’m not really looking for a response, but I just thought, why not post this here. After all, this is what a blog is for in essence is it not? To post your thoughts, no matter how meandering they might be.


A more detailed or nuanced post will follow soon enough, once I’ve got the webs in my head fixed.


Thanks All.




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